Graduation Memory Blankets by Once Upon a Time Creation

Graduation Memory Blanket Q&A

A Memory Blanket is the perfect graduation gift!

So what is a Memory Blanket?  A Memory Blanket is a blanket made from the sentimental clothing you have saved. Each piece of clothing holds a special memory and when they are sewn together, they create a patchwork of happiness just for you. Because every person has their own story, each Memory Blanket is unique.

To help you get started on your Memory Blanket creation, here are the answers to frequently asked questions

Graduation Memory Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation

Can I include other materials besides t-shirts in my blanket?

Yes, you can include other types of clothing in your blanket. Sweatshirts, jerseys, dri-fit, pajamas, uniforms, shorts, pants, baby clothes and more. If we can cut and sew it, it can probably go in your blanket. We can even applique varsity letters, baseball hats, and patches on to your blanket. If it is important to you, bring it with you to your consult (or send in the mail with your other clothes) and we can talk about it.

Memory T-Shirt Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation

How many shirts do I need?

We offer six different sizes from a throw to almost king. The number of shirts you will need depends on the size of the blanket. The minimum is twelve shirt sides (if you would like to use the front and back, that would count as two). The maximum is about 36, but that can vary depending on the size of the logos.

Memory T-shirt Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation Mount St. Joe's Glenside

Will all my shirts be cut to the same size squares? 

That depends on how many shirts you are using and the size blanket, but usually they will be different sizes. If the logos are smaller, they may be cut into half or quarter sized squares.

T-shirt Memory Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation

How will my blanket be backed?

Your blanket will be backed in high quality flannel in the color of your choice. We love flannel because it is soft and cozy, washes up well, is a natural fabric, and doesn’t stretch so your blanket will stay beautifully shaped wash after wash. The backing wraps around the sides of the blanket to create a wide three inch border and is quadruple stitched for durability.

T-Shirt Memory Blanket Graduation Gift by Once Upon a Time Creation

Will my blanket be quilted?

No, our blankets do not have the inner batting layer and are not quilted throughout. The front and back are sewn together in various places to keep everything in place.

Once Upon a Time Creation Memory Blanket Villa Maria 2

Do I need to cut my shirts before I bring them to you?

No, you do not (and we prefer that you don’t). We will cut your shirts during the creation process to ensure your logos are nicely centered and we include anything from the piece that is special. If the logo is small, there is a patch on the sleeve, or a signature on the back, or something else, we will custom cut your shirt to capture all your memories.

Memory Blanket made from clothing by Once Upon a Time Creation (1)

Can I add a monogram or picture to my blanket?


What is the turnaround time? 

Our normal turnaround time is about three to four weeks, but that cannot be guaranteed as we get close to graduation. The sooner you can get started the better.

Cheer Memory T-shirt Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation

Do we have to meet in person or can we coordinate by mail?

We can do whatever is convenient for you. If we meet in person, please bring your clothing with you to your appointment at our shop in Paoli. If we coordinate by mail, I will contact you after we receive your clothes to make sure we are on the same page about your project.

If you would like to learn more about Memory Blankets, schedule an appointment, or place an order by mail,  please visit our website ( .  If you have more questions, please let me know. I can be reached by email (jen at or by phone 610-202-7850.

Can’t wait to create your Memory Blanket!



Custom Keepsakes from clothing by Once Upon a Time Creation

Organizing our new Once Upon a Time Creation custom keepsake shop with Carrie’s Essential Services

We moved into a new shop for the creation of your custom keepsakes!

Once Upon a Time Creation Custom Keepsakes behind the scenes 6

We LOVE it…the new space doubled our work area, has amazing natural light, easy parking, and it is adorable. It is an old carriage house with beautiful hardwood floors, built in cabinets, and old house charm. The last tenant did a wonderful job updating the lighting and giving it a clean, simple look with white paint and naturally finished floors. It’s the perfect place to create your custom keepsakes!

Once Upon a Time Creation Custom Keepsakes behind the scenes 10

The keys were in our hands in December, but we were too busy with holiday orders to even think about moving. So in 2018, we spent the first week or so building new work tables and moving everything in. We were so anxious to open that we started hosting client consultations and creating right away.

Custom keepsakes from clothing by Once Upon a Time Creation

We are fine tuning how we use the space as we prep, sew, photograph, and gift wrap your keepsakes. Each day we test out what works best, feels the most comfortable, and provides an efficient work environment.

Once Upon a Time Creation Custom Keepsakes behind the scenes 2

There were some things that just naturally worked, such as how to position the work tables and sewing machines. Then there are others that took a little tweaking (like where to put the pillows, zippers, ribbons, thread, and other supplies).

Once Upon a Time Creation Custom Keepsakes behind the scenes 5

After things were initially set-up, I still felt inefficient and not quite sure how to best utilize our “behind the scenes” area, which we never had before. That’s where Carrie from Carrie’s Essential Services comes in.

Once Upon a Time Creation Custom Keepsakes behind the scenes

Carrie came in on a Saturday morning, listened to our process, what we needed to store, and toured the space. She asked questions about our growing team, supply chain, and the steps to a keepsake creation. She then offered several suggestions that made me think about things differently. 

Once Upon a Time Creation Custom Keepsakes behind the scenes 3

Everything is now clearly marked so we can identify when we are low on supplies, set an efficient production schedule, and keep the shop nice and tidy. Thanks to Carrie’s help, we feel more organized which allows us to concentrate on what we love…meeting you and creating your keepsakes.

For more information about Carrie and her services, please visit Carrie’s Essential Services.

To learn more about custom keepsakes made from the clothing you save, please visit Once Upon a Time Creation.

Camp Achieve T-shirt Memory Blanket

Camp Achieve T-shirt Memory Blanket

When a child is effected with a serious illness or disability, we do our very best to help that child receive the treatment and care they need. Along with the medical treatment, we all want that child to be able to be a kid…to play, experience joy, and make friends.  Places like Camp Achieve are doing just that for children with epilepsy.  We had the opportunity to create a Camp Achieve T-shirt Memory Blanket and learn more about this amazing place.

Camp Achieve for children with Epilepsy

“The Epilepsy Foundation Eastern PA believes no child should feel alone, ostracized or unsafe because of their epilepsy. We strive to alleviate the stresses and fears that many children with epilepsy suffer from by providing them access to all of the life experiences they deserve. Camp Achieve is key to accomplishing this goal. From its humble beginnings over 20 years ago, Camp Achieve has become a uniquely designed program tailored to the special needs of youths with epilepsy.” ~ The Foundation of Eastern PA

Camp Achieve T-shirt Memory Blanket 3

This Memory Blanket was commissioned as a birthday gift from sister to sister. Sue gathered Maria’s t-shirts she has saved from her years volunteering at Camp Achieve to create a special gift for someone who has given so much of her time.

Maria loved her Memory Blanket because of her love for Camp Achieve. After she received her gift, we asked her more about Camp and what we can do to support it.

How did you get involved with Camp Achieve?

“About 10 years ago, I needed something more in my life, something fulfilling. My Neurologist told me about the Epilepsy Foundation of Eastern Pa’s Camp Achieve. Here I am in my 9th year!”

Camp Achieve for children with Epilepsy

What activities can camp goers participate in at Camp Achieve? 

“Camp Achieve is a uniquely designed week long camp with trained medical staff and counselors that specialize in the needs of pre-teens and teens with epilepsy. Campers enjoy swimming, canoeing, arts/crafts, archery, wall climbing and educational activities that helps them understand their epilepsy and the medication they need to take.”

Camp Achieve for children with Epilepsy

Are the Camp Achieve counselors all volunteers?

“The Medical Staff consist of nurses, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Neurologists and Epileptologists from surrounding Health Systems in the tri-state area.

The counselors are all volunteers and the majority have epilepsy. A good percentage started out as Campers”

What have you learned about those living with epilepsy from volunteering at Camp Achieve?

“Having Epilepsy myself, I learned I’m not alone.

Being with these kids, I’ve learned you can’t be upset about the little issues in life. There’s more to life than having seizures!”

Camp Achieve T-shirt Memory Blanket 2

How can we help Camp Achieve?

“We use a lot of supplies for a week at camp. Everything from crayons for art, to snacks to take with medication, to cooling towels so no one has a seizure secondary to the hot weather. The Foundation does have a Grant A Wish site on Facebook with an Amazon list. They always appreciate any donation that may help a child assisting in their camp fee.

This Camp is the best! These kids look forward to it every year! We have a reunion every January and it’s so nice to see everyone so excited to see each other! This year we will have 70 kids!!”

If you would like to follow and support Camp Achieve, please click through…

To make a monetary donation:

To follow on Facebook:  (annual camp wish list links will be posted here).

Thank you for learning about Camp Achieve and supporting their efforts!


If you would like to commission a Memory Blanket for a loved one, please visit Once Upon a Time Creation.

Wedding Dress Conversion to Baptism Baby Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation 3

Baptism Baby Blankets created from a Wedding Dress

Is your wedding dress stuck in a box in the attic? Have you thought about converting it into something else?  Here is one idea for you…Baptism Blankets for your kids or grandkids.

Wedding Dress Conversion to Baptism Baby Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation 2

Transforming this wedding dress was our first project from Fargo, North Dakota.  Since we are about 1400 miles away from each other, we coordinated everything by mail.

Starting with a phone conversation, we discussed the age and condition of the wedding dress and needs of the family.

Wedding Dress Conversion to Baptism Baby Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation

After Once Upon a Time Creation received the wedding dress, we finalized the design by sending pictures and discussing ideas by text. Our goal is to honor the style of the original wedding dress while also meeting the needs of the keepsake’s recipient.

Wedding Dress Conversion to Baptism Baby Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation 4

After the creation was complete, we took pictures to send before shipping. It’s so hard to wait until the package arrives to see a custom creation!

Wedding Dress Conversion to Baptism Baby Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation 3

Before putting in the shipping box, we carefully wrapped the Baptism Blankets in plastic and tissue to ensure safe travels. We always ship Fed Ex because they are fast and the tracking is spot on.

After the package was delivered, we waited with bated breath. We were so happy when Cheryl texted how happy she was with her creations.  Here is Cheryl’s review posted on our website, “I am so very happy with the blanket Jen made for me! Worth every penny to have this keep sake in the family for generations!”

No matter how many projects we create, we are always nervous until the recipient receives their keepsake. We understand how precious your treasured clothing is and do our very best to create the gift you and your family will love.


If you would like Once Upon a Time Creation to design a custom keepsake for you, please visit: or email jen at onceuponatimecreation dot com

Remembrance Memory Blanket Keepsake with Men's Neck Ties by Once Upon a Time Creation

Custom Keepsakes from Men’s Clothing and Neck Ties

Losing a loved one is never easy. Even if someone has lived a long, full life and was very sick in their last years, you are never quite prepared for that person to not be part of your life. Creating custom keepsakes to honor that person may help you and your family in your journey to peace.

Memory Bear Pillow and Cat by from clothes by Once Upon a Time Creation

Not only are you struggling with the emotional loss of someone dear, you may have to muddle through all the required tasks that come after someone passes away. One of the tasks that can be the most difficult is going through your loved one’s clothes.

Memory Blanket with Necktie and Mens Shirts by Once Upon a Time Creation

The scent and memories of your loved one are so much a part of those clothes it can be seem daunting to part with them. Our mission is to make that step a little easier for you. By creating keepsakes from the really special pieces of clothing, it somehow makes it easier to pass on the rest.

Memory Lovey Keepsake from Men's Neck Ties by Once Upon a Time Creation

All of these custom keepsakes were created out of clothing from a lost loved one and accented with men’s neck ties. So many times, the ties a man wears encompass his passions and showcase the way he presented himself to the world.

Memory Pillow from Neck Ties by Once Upon a Time Creation

If you have saved clothes and ties from your loved one and would like to incorporate them in a keepsake, please reach out, we would love to help you. We will walk you through the process and help you choose keepsakes that will be meaningful and practical for your family.

Tooth Fairy Remembrance Keepsake Pillows from Mens Clothes and Ties by Once Upon a Time Creation

Tooth Fairy Pillows


Here is the link to our website with more information about custom remembrance keepsakes offered by Once Upon a Time Creation.

If you have questions, please email Jen (at)

Cheer Memory T-shirt Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation

Cheer Memory Blankets

Cheer Memories

Have you ever watched a cheer competition? Anyone who questions whether cheer is a sport is just crazy. The strength, tumbling ability, and coordination these teams display is unreal.

Memory T-shirt Blanket with Cheer Uniform by Once Upon a Time Creation

The girls and guys who cheer combine stage presence, athleticism, and timing to create routines that are truly extraordinary. There are flyers (the ones who get thrown in the air) and bases/backs (the ones who do the throwing). There are extensions, cradles, and basket tosses. (Here is a link to a glossary to help you with the translate: Cheer Lingo)

Cheerleaders are fierce competitors who work hard to perfect all the nuances of a routine. Dance classes, tumbling and gymnastics training, and hours of synchronized practice all help the team bring it to the next level.

Memory Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation

Cheerleaders support the other sports at their school or in their community league and then compete in their own competitions against other squads. They do it all with a smile on their face and a bounce in their step because they LOVE it!

If you have never watched a cheer routine, next time you are on YouTube, give it a search. You will be amazed. (And probably happy you are not the mom of the flyer, that can be tough on the nerves!)

To all the cheerleaders out there working your butts off…keep up the hustle, you are killin’ it!!!

Memory Blanket from cheer t-shirts by Once Upon a Time Creation

In the words of our favorite cheer coach, Coach Kirsten, “Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It!”

If you are in the Malvern area and would like to learn more about cheer, here are a couple links to get you started: Sideline Cheer  Competitive Cheer

If you would like to order your own Cheer Memory Blanket, please visit our website: Once Upon a Time Creation

Once Upon a Time Creation and Organize 365 Remembrance Keepsakes from clothing 2

Remembrance Keepsake Loveys for Organize 365

Did you ever want to do a project but got stuck because you didn’t know who could help you bring your vision into reality? Lisa Woodruff from Organize 365 has encouraged her clients for years to transform their sentimental clothing into a memory blanket, pillow, stuffed animal, or remembrance keepsake but she didn’t know where to send them to have that done. Now she does!

Once Upon a Time Creation and Organize 365 Remembrance Keepsake from clothing 3

We are so grateful for our partnership with Lisa and especially thankful for her podcast featuring all the keepsakes created by Once Upon a Time Creation. She beautifully captures the essence of our service. If you would like to listen, here is the link:


Lisa also commissioned us to create keepsakes to honor her grandmother. Her grandmother had impeccable taste in clothes and Lisa saved a few pieces that are special to her and her family. These sunny yellow sweaters and pants make you smile just to look at them!

Once Upon a Time Creation and Organize 365 Remembrance Keepsake from clothing 4

Her goal was to create meaningful keepsakes for her Mom and Aunt to celebrate the memory of their Mom. These Doll Loveys are so sweet in their cheery yellow with beautiful flowers and adorable bees. We hope that when they are held and looked upon, they bring back happy memories and carry a feeling of peace and love.


Once Upon a Time Creation and Organize 365 Remembrance Keepsake from clothing 5

If you would like Lisa to help you organize your home, please check out her website Organize 365. Her introductory class is Organization 101: The Sunday Basket. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

To create lasting keepsakes from your treasured clothing, please contact us here at Once Upon a Time Creation. We have created meaningful gifts, such as memory blankets, pillows, loveys, totes, ornaments, and more from all kinds of clothing and would love to help you. If you are local to the Philly area, you are welcome to come to our studio. If not, we can coordinate your project by mail.

Once Upon a Time Creation Remembrance Keepsake Ornaments and Memory Blanket

Remembrance Keepsakes for the family behind WhirlAway Travel

Losing someone we love is difficult in so many ways. The hurt and healing come in waves and the journey to peace is different for everyone. Our mission is to help you with one step along the path, the challenging task of going through your loved one’s clothing. By transforming some of the most precious pieces into remembrance keepsakes, you have the opportunity to enjoy your memories in a new way with a beautiful tribute in your home.

Once Upon a Time Creation and WhirlAway Travel 2

After Patty lost her husband, she came into our studio to create remembrance keepsakes for her family. Starting with a bin full of neatly folded button downs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and baseball hats, we talked about the members of her family and which pieces of clothing would be most special to them. Through the creation of blankets and ornaments, everyone now has a meaningful gift to honor a man that brought so much joy to their lives.

One of the recipients of a memory blanket made from her Dad’s colorful button downs and t-shirts, is Jamie Jones.  Through our time creating her family’s keepsakes and as fellow business owners, Jamie and I have become friends. I would like to introduce you to Jamie, the owner of WhirlAway Travel in West Chester, PA, so she can share a little about her Dad, her path to owning her business, and how she may be able to help you plan your dream vacation.

Once Upon a Time Creation Remembrance Keepsake Memory Blanket 2

Jamie, we are so sorry about the loss of your Dad. Can you tell us a little about him?

“Thank you.  My dad was amazing.  He had a quiet calm about him that was so comforting and reassuring.  My dad was a man’s man.  He believed in getting up early and doing something productive.  I can recall only 2 times when he was too sick to get out of bed!  He was a business owner, and when his first business was sold he started another.  He was always involved in something, whether it be renovating a house, maintaining one of his rental properties, taking care of his horses, taking his dog on long walks, or spending time with friends and family.  He was also my biggest support when I joined the family business.”

Once Upon a Time Creation and WhirlAway Travel 1

I learned from your Mom that WhirlAway Travel is a family business. How long have you been serving the community? What prompted your parents to get into the travel business?

“My mom bought WhirlAway Travel 31 years ago.  We have maintained a store front location in West Chester the whole time.  Prior to her purchasing the agency my Mom worked for another agency.  Entrepreneurship runs in our family.  My Dad owned a commercial laundry, which was also a family business. All of my Mom’s brothers and sister own their own businesses as well.  I guess we don’t work well for others!”

Once Upon a Time Creation Remembrance Keepsake Memory Blanket

What was your favorite vacation as a child and as an adult?

“My favorite vacation as a child was to the Cayman Islands.  We used to go every Christmas and my parents would go twice a year.  The Cayman Islands was our version of the Jersey Shore.  As an adult my favorite trip was to Southern Africa.  It was not really a vacation but it was the most incredible place I have ever been.  I traveled with a few other travel professionals to learn about the destination and experience some of our preferred hotels and resorts.  I made some lifelong friends, tasted some of the best food and wine I have ever had, and had the opportunity to see wildlife where they belong, in the wild. “

Once Upon a Time Creation and WhirlAway Travel 3

What are some of the benefits of having you plan a vacation verse trying to do it yourself? 

“I would say the biggest benefit of having WhirlAway plan your vacation is that we do this every single day, whereas most people plan a vacation once or twice a year.  We are able to cut through the clutter of online information overload and help you find a vacation that is going to fit your needs, not someone else’s.  We see destinations and hotels first hand and have partners all over the world for destinations we have not been to.  We also can get our clients perks – complimentary breakfast, resort and spa credits, upgrades, etc, that you cannot get on your own.  We work on our client’s behalf from the time they hire us until they return so they always have an advocate.  We also provide an interactive mobile itinerary so that everything is at their fingertips while they are traveling.  When someone asks what we do, I tell them that the only thing we are limited by is the imagination and their budget!”

What are some hot vacation destinations for your clients?

“Hot destinations – Iceland, Africa, the Caribbean, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific, and of course Italy are all in high demand.  We are also seeing many more requests for exotic and off the beaten path destinations as well as an increase in domestic travel.”

Thank you for spending time with us today,


WhirlAway Travel believes that opening our minds and hearts to appreciate the diversity that makes us all unique is essential for the future of our world. If you would like Jamie and her team to help you plan your next trip, please visit their website or give them a call 610-431-3642.

If you would like help transforming your special clothing into lasting keepsakes, Once Upon a Time Creation is here for you.

Remembrance Keepsake Memory Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation

Once Upon a Time Creation and Perspective on Parenting

Perspective on Parenting: Our Live Radio Appearance

In November, my daughter, Madeleine, and I had the opportunity to be guests of Julia Sherwin on her radio show Perspectives on Parenting. It was the first time either of us was on live radio so we were pretty nervous, but Julia made us feel right at ease and it was an amazing experience.

 Julia and I met in the spring when we created a memory blanket for her son. During Julia’s consultation, I learned about her background and radio show. She offered to have us on the show and I finally mustered up the courage to contact her about it later in the fall.
Once Upon a Time Creation Keepsake Memory Blanket
Now we are turning the tables so you can learn about Julia and her weekly radio show, Perspectives on Parenting. She hosts guests and experts each week to help all of us through the trials and tribulations of parenting.
We hope you enjoy this interview with Julia and would love for you to check out her show live (Mondays from 1:00- 1:30 on WHCE 1520 AM) or on the recorded podcasts, which can be found at Perspective on Parenting.
How did you get started with Perspective on Parenting?
“Perspective on Parenting began as a bi-weekly column in the newspaper here in Chester County. I decided to use my journalism and professional writing background to share some of the stories and insights I experienced as a mom, but mainly to try to build a forum for other parents to communicate. Parenting is absolutely the hardest job in the world, so I wanted to see what other parents were experiencing and, in the process, help me become a better mom. After a little more than a year as a columnist, I launched the radio version in Sept. of 2014.”
What do you like most about live radio?
“I love the element of surprise. I’m learning along with my listeners as I interview each of my guests. I think that keeps it fresh and authentic for me, as an interviewer.”
Have any of your guests helped you with a particular parenting struggle?
“Yes, they all have in some way, even if it’s something I haven’t yet encountered as a parent. I’ve been most impacted by parents who’ve lost children, and some of their stories have stayed with me. I have especially learned from positive discipline experts and psychologists I’ve had on the show. It’s so important that children hear more about what they’re doing well than what they’re doing wrong.”
Do you have any quick tips or life hacks for women juggling a career and family?
“I have less time with my children now that I work more and they’re all school aged. I try to make sure our moments together are filled with quality time and family traditions. Even if they are just helping me prepare a meal or sit with me on the bed when I’m working on my laptop, it’s a chance for us to share our day together.”
Where can people find and follow you?
“I’m all the usual places on social media. Facebook at Perspective on Parenting, Instagram the same and Twitter at JuliaSherwinPoP . “
Thank you for joining us today,
If you would like to listen, here is the recording of our episode. Madeleine and I were on the show together because we launched a new business in 2016. GiGY has turned the world of gig bags (soft cases for instruments) upside down with a customizable, build your own system so that every musician can have a gig bag as cool as they are. We talk about Once Upon a Time Creation and GiGY and then Madeleine performs at the end.
GiGY and Perspective on Parenting
Once Upon a Time Creation Little League Baseball Keepsakes

Little League Baseball Keepsakes

Does your son or daughter play Little League? Do you have a colorful collection of jerseys and hats that you have accumulated through their “career”?  Here are some fun, functional baseball keepsake ideas so you can clear out those drawers AND enjoy your spring memories.

Once Upon a Time Creation Little League Baseball Keepsakes

These memory pillows and blankets are perfect for room decor. They help your child remember how much fun they have playing and get to see their accomplishments every day.


It’s ok to mix sports and other clothing in one memory blanket! Your keepsake is all about what is important to you and your family.

Once Upon a Time Creation Little League Baseball Keepsake Pillows

Baseball memory pillows and blankets also make great gifts for Dad’s birthday or Father’s Day or for your beloved coach who has donated so much of their time.

Once Upon a Time Creation Little League Baseball Memory Blanket Keepsake

Once Upon a Time Creation Little League Baseball Keepsakes

If you have questions, we are always here to help with decide which keepsake ideas would work best for you and your family. (jen at


For more information or to place an order, please visit our website: Once Upon a Time Creation