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Wedding Gown transformed into an Evening Clutch

Wedding Gown transformed into an Evening (or Bridal) Clutch.Remember the baby blankets form the last post???  As promised, here is the clutch made from the same dress.  The wonderful silk fabric and intricate beading are just beautiful.

I think Michelle’s intention was to save this for her daughter, should she get married when she gets older.  But after seeing it, she realized it is a fabulous evening bag that she can use now!

This bag will be a very meaningful bridal shower gift, should the time come, but for now…carpe diem!  Time to get dressed up and show off your gorgeous new bag:)

Wedding Gown transformed into an Evening (or Bridal) Clutch.

Back of the bag. The beaded closure also serves as a perfect handle on the back.


Baby Blankets created from a Wedding Gown

Baby Blankets made from a family Wedding Gown

Michelle came to us with her wedding gown asking us to make something she could pass to her two children.  Even though her kids are still young, she could no longer store her dress, but wanted to save it for sentimental reasons.  After discussing some possible ideas, Michelle settled on two baby blankets and a bridal bag.

The dress was made of silk with beautiful beading and a scalloped hem. Each blanket incorporates different parts of the beading and both blankets are edged with the scalloped hem and cinched at the corners.  The bridal bag is still in progress, and we will be sure to share when it is finished.

Thank you, Michelle, for the opportunity to create family heirlooms for your children.


Just LOVE T-shirt Memory Blankets for Graduation

T-shirt Memory Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation

We just love creating Memory Blankets for graduation.  By the time the project is complete, we feel like we know the graduate even though we haven’t met them as their shirts display their talents and gifts through the experiences they have had.  One of the best parts is getting to meet new families and share in such a monumental part of their life.  Although we can only show one pic for 2013 (they rest are surprise gifts), here are some from last year.

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What’s under your carpet? Tips to refinish your floor.

Refinish Floors by Once Upon a Time CreationThis was our “Girls Work Weekend” at the beach house.  The house (cottage) belongs to my parents and aunt and uncle and has been in the family for nearly 40 years.  I’m just a squatter, so will do whatever I can to help out.  We decided to rip the carpet up in one of the bedrooms, a task that had to be done without the guys around as we had no idea what was underneath.

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Memories of Dad

Remembrance Pillows by Once Upon a Time Creation

This is one of those days when I just feel so blessed to have found my purpose.  As my Mom and I work together, I know she feels the same sense of gratitude.

We created these pillows (the little one is a tooth fairy pillow) for Melissa from her father’s sport coat.  Melissa just made my day when she sent this email: “Everything came out great….My dad is no longer with us, but he would love what we did with his clothes”.

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