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Remembrance Stockings

Remembrance Stockings by Once Upon a Time CreationThe holidays are all about sharing the love.  These stockings were created for Kelly from her Mom’s clothing.  Each is unique and hold quite a bit of loot:)  I think my favorite is the snowflake stocking, made from cozy jammies.

Sweaters, pajamas, pants, jackets, along with their buttons, belt loops and pockets come together to celebrate Kelly’s Mom and Christmas.

Those we love are with us always.  May Peace surround you as we approach this wonderful holiday season.



Career Memory Blanket

Memory Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation

Jim’s blanket celebrates an amazing career and awesome experiences. Created from t-shirt and golf shirts, this blanket is now a tangible, everyday reminder of friends, accomplishments, and memories.

Jim, our hope is that this blanket brings a smile to your face and hugs you in memories every time you use it:)


Memory Blankets in honor of Grandmom

These Memory Blankets were created in remembrance of C.'s grandmom.  Three blankets, one for C. and her Mom and two for her aunts.  Such a special gift.

These Memory Blankets were created in remembrance of Carey’s Grandmom.  Three blankets were made from Grandmom’s clothes, one for Carey and her Mom and two for her aunts.  Each one is unique and specially designed for it’s recipient.

Kathy, Carey’s aunt, left this amazing message.  “I just received a memory blanket with pieces of my mothers favorite outfits from my niece Carey. Mom has been gone for 2 years now and I think of her everyday. This was the greatest gift i have ever received!! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful memory and all the joy it will bring me and my family for years to come. the workmanship is incredible.” Kathy

Thank you for those kind words.  Our hope is that your blankets bring you peace and comfort.

Thank you for your continued support,