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Our Mountain of Small Moments

Once Upon a Time Creation Christmas 2013

We celebrated Christmas with my parents a bit early this year.  For the first time since my kids were born (thirteen years ago), we will not be spending Christmas together.  Although it is a bit of a change, and a little sad, we are embracing the fun plans we both have coming up.

The kids with Santa

Our “Faux Christmas” celebration culminated with the exchanging of gifts.  Just like you, each year we try very hard to find thoughtful gifts for our loved ones, usually something they would not buy for themselves.

Rockefeller Center

Included with the “big” gifts, were a couple extra little things.  First, was an iphone cover for my sister with her dog’s picture on it.  She needed one, her iphone looks like it was run over by a car.  I was so excited to give it to her and her reaction upon opening was priceless.   She loved it.  Her dog is her baby, now she gets to carry him with her everywhere.  Sounds silly, but love is a funny thing.

Kids in the Snow

Second, was a vintage picture frame for my mom.  I am sure she liked the frame, but she cried when she saw the picture in it.  It was nothing spectacular, I am not a fabulous photographer, just a picture of my parents on the beach with my kids.  We have had countless pictures taken in that same spot, on the bay, across the street from the house that has been in our family since I could barely walk.  When she started to tear up, I realized how much she loves sharing that experience with my kids.

On the bay

Their reactions to our gifts reminded me why we love Christmas.  It is the gestures of love and all those “little things” that make us feel special.  We feel closer to friends and family far away as we receive cards and pictures.  We make time to enjoy cocktails with friends and neighbors.  We bake cookies.  We watch the Heat Miser.  We listen to Christmas carols.  We build gingerbread houses.  We decorate the tree.  We have fun with our Elf on the Shelf.  We read Twas the Night before Christmas.  We hope for a Christmas Eve snowfall. We go to Church.  We help the less fortunate. We honor traditions.  We share our joy with those around us.  It is the mountain of small moments that make life, and Christmas, so wonderful.

Elf on the Shelf

I hope your holiday season is filled with love and laughter.  Live it, enjoy it, take it all in, it only comes once a year!

Lunch for the homeless

One of my proudest moments. One Christmas, my daughter made sandwiches for the homeless and gave them out as we walked through the city.

Merry Christmas,