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Welcome, Linda!

We would like to welcome Linda Mann to the Once Upon a Time Creation family!

We are so excited to have Linda on board.  Linda’s love of sewing, attention to detail, and eye for design make her a true asset to our team.  She is a fantastic person, as well as, an experienced seamstress and quilter.

We love her and know you will, too!

Linda, welcome to Once Upon a Time Creation

Four Simple Principles by Once Upon a Time Creation

Four Simple Principles

With Spring comes a wonderfully busy season.  We all wake up from a long winter, long to get outside and appreciate life anew.

For some, it also means big changes.  In our house, we have one “graduating” from elementary and entering middle school and another moving from middle to high school.  As parents, these are the times we reflect and hope that we have prepared them for the next phase. (And secretly pray that we will guide them in the right direction going forward).  Each part of life’s journey brings lesson to be learned, doors to be opened, and opportunities to discover who we are.

I hope as my kids grow into the adults they will someday be, they remember these guiding principles along their journey…

Be Who You Are.  Every single person has their own unique challenges and talents.  Your true friends will accept your faults and celebrate your successes.  Be true to yourself and follow your passion.

Once Upon a Time Creation Memory T-Shirt Blanket

Work Hard.  Talent and God’s gifts only get you part way.  The rest is up to you.

Once Upon a Time Creation Memory T-shirt Blanket

Listen.  To what is going on around you.  To those that love and care for you.  To yourself.  Your inner voice, your conscience, will guide you, both in the everyday choices and life-changing decisions.

Once Upon a Time Creation Memory T-shirt Blanket

Be Kind.  You may be surprised if you had to walk in someone else’s shoes.  A smile and helping hand go a long way.

Once Upon a Time Creation Memory Blanket

To parents and kids everywhere…

“Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love”  ~ Bob Marley

Happy Spring,