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Perfect birthday gift for the Philly sports fan

Birthday Gift for the Philly Sports Fan

Has your huge Philly sports fan collected tons of t-shirts? Are you always looking for that perfect birthday gift for the Philly sports fan in your life?

Perfect birthday gift for the Philly sports fan

Let’s face it, Philly fans are all heart. Whatever the season and whichever the team, Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, or Sixers, when our teams are doing well the city is just happy. People are a little more chatty when pouring their coffee at Wawa, we see more smiles on the streets, and the fan gear comes out in force. When the teams are not playing up to Philly standards, well…maybe we shouldn’t talk about that…it can get ugly! You have just found the perfect birthday gift for the Philly sports fan in your life.

This birthday gift for Sue was so much fun to put together. She collected some great t-shirts. There is a whole set that follows the Phillies amazing run leading up to their 2008 World Series victory. Sometimes you just can’t choose which side of the shirt you like best…so why not use both? The schedule or roster that’s on the back may be the best part!

Perfect Birthday Gift your your Philly Sports Fan with Phillies, Eagles, and Flyers t-shirts

Since Sue’s daughter, Lauren, went to Penn State, the Nittany Lions just had to represent. I just love the Joe Pa tee and of course, THON, is a huge part of the Penn State experience. If you are not familiar with THON (Dance Marathon), it is the largest student run philanthropy in the world and raises millions to combat pediatric cancer.

Philly family from Carl's Cards and Collectibles and the Hamels Foundation

The best part of creating this blanket was planning it with Sue and Lauren. With every shirt, there’s a story of why it holds special memories. As we went through the pile, it became so clear what was really important. Obviously it was amazing that the Phillies won the World Series, but the best part was that this family of Phillies fans got to experience the ride together. They go to spring training together, cheer at the games together, mourn the defeats and celebrate the victories together.

Philly family from Carl's Cards and Collectibles and the Hamels Foundation

Philadelphia doesn’t realize what they have in this family. Lauren is a devoted supporter of the Hamels Foundation, which raises funds to support education in the U.S. and abroad. Sue and her husband Carl, own Carl’s Cards and Collectibles in Havertown offering all kids of memorabilia, hosting signing events, and supporting the local community.

If you are looking for the perfect birthday gift for your Philly fan, I look forward to working with you! For more information on creating your memory blanket, please click here. Are you ready to go? You can schedule an appointment in our Paoli studio  here: Book My Appointment. Questions? Please connect me by phone 610-202-7850 or email (jen at

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Memory Blanket Mothers Day gift designed from outgrown baby clothes by Once Upon a Time Creation

Looking for a very special Mothers Day Gift Idea?

This wonderful Mom of twins could not have asked for a better Mothers Day Gift Idea.


Sarah’s boys were born seven years ago.  As any Mom knows, the first days and nights with your newborn are some of the most challenging and rewarding times of motherhood. The lack of sleep, crazy hormones, and physical recovery are overshadowed by the unconditional love you feel for you new baby.  It goes by in a flash, but the memories live on.


All those tiny little onesies, pjs, and soft, cozy outfits your baby wore in those first few months quickly pass through the dresser as your baby grows faster than you could ever imagine. Before you know it, newborn clothes are replaced by 3 – 6 months, then 6 – 9. It seems like minutes, not months, have passed when you are planning their first birthday party.

As Moms, we manage the daily struggle between giving our kids independence as they grow and holding on to their childhood with both hands. We treasure those baby clothes so much we remember those wonderful baby moments…falling asleep in your arms, the first smile, the first “Dada” and “Mama”, and the looks of sheer wonder because everything is new.

In our yearning to hep other new parents, we may pass along that bouncy seat, stroller, and some of the clothes. But we hold on to our favorites with the hopes that someday we can enjoy them again.

For Sarah, that day has come. She finally pulled those tiny outfits out of storage and ordered the Mother’s Day gift she has been wanting for years.  As we talked through the pile of baby clothes sitting before us, it was fun for her reminisce about how little the boys were and how crazy life can be with twins. By the time we finished planning Sarah’s blanket, she was giddy with excitement and I had gained a friend. Listening to the memories and stories that accompany those baby clothes and learning about what the boys are like now was so much fun.


If you or a friend have saved baby clothes, i would love to help you and your families enjoy them in a new way. Not only does Mom love seeing the baby clothes again, the kids think it’s great too. They cannot believe they were ever that little and have fun analyzing every little square. To snuggle up with your kiddos under her new blanket is the icing on the cake!

To learn more about creating your memory blanket, please visit our website: Memory Blankets

If you have been looking for the perfect Mothers Day gift idea and are ready to go, there are two ways to order. If you are local to our studio in Paoli, PA, please schedule an in person consultation here: Book My Appointment. If you would rather coordinate by mail, please give me a call (610-202-7850), email me (jen at, or place an order from our website.

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T-shirt Memory Blanket Graduation Gift Once Upon a Time Creation

Looking for a unique high school graduation gift ?

A t-shirt quilt or memory blanket is the perfect high school graduation gift your graduate will treasure for years to come.

Graduation is such an exciting time. One chapter ends and a new one begins. As parents, we strive to give our kids roots and wings. Roots to teach them love, stability, and the meaning of family and wings to encourage them to embrace new experiences and  live the life they dream of.

Graduation Gift T-shirt Memory Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation

Graduation is a moment in time when we reflect on where our young adult has been, where they are going, and most importantly, how much we love them. It’s also the time to celebrate accomplishments and remember all the wonderful experiences that have brought them to this point. To celebrate this huge milestone, we want to give the high school graduation gift they will love.

High School Graduation Gift Idea and Custom Keepsake Memory Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation created in Malvern, PA with t-shirts and jerseys.

A person’s clothes tell their story. So many precious memories are reflected in the clothes we save. From your favorite baby outfit, to the little league t-shirt, to the jersey you washed yesterday, the clothes reflect the life.

Graduation Memory T-shirt Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation

A memory or t-shirt blanket (or pillow) created from clothes you have saved over the years is a fun way for your graduate to celebrate the memories and experiences that have helped shape who they are today.  Family vacations, schools, favorite teams, jerseys, races, shows, concerts, and uniforms are just some of the ways life is reflected on your graduate’s memory blanket.

High School Graduation Gift Idea and Memory Blanket Custom Keepsake Memory by Once Upon a Time Creation designed in Malvern, PA from uniforms, sweatshirts, and t-shirts.

It’s so easy. You can either bring your clothing to us and we can discuss your project in person or you can mail your clothing and we can talk over the phone or e-mail. Appointments can be scheduled on our website.

Some parents like to completely surprise their graduate and others bring their graduate to the appointment so we can talk through everything together.  Then the blanket is gift wrapped to be opened at graduation.

High School Graduation Gift Idea and Custom Keepsake Memory Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation created in Malvern, PA with t-shirts.

Your graduate will love their high school graduation gift. The gift of memories will be treasured for years to come and is created to be used and loved. It is machine washable!

I am here to answer and questions you may have and look forward to helping you in any way I can. (610-202-7850 or jen at Please click here for sizing and pricing or here to schedule an appointment.