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Receiving Blanket Keepsake Ideas

Remember that receiving blanket the nurses wrapped your newborn baby in after they were born? Did you keep it? What can you do with it? Instead of storing it away, transform it into a Receiving Blanket Keepsake, like a teddy bear.


Almost everyone who has had a baby brought their precious little one home from the hospital with their first blanket. You know the one…it’s cream or white with blue and pink stripes along the edges and it usually has the hospital where you delivered your baby imprinted in one of the corners.  Do you still have it? Have you been looking to create a Receiving Blanket Keepsake that you and your child can treasure for years to come.


If you are loving the idea of a Receiving Blanket Keepsake, but not sure if a teddy bear will work for your family, what brings a smile to your face? Maybe a dog, cat, or bunny? Or maybe including the blanket with other outgrown clothes in a larger memory blanket that your child can use as he or she grows? Or maybe a tooth fairy pillow? Or a Christmas ornament? Your keepsake can also be embroidered with your child’s name and birthdate.

Whatever you choose as the best way to savor this memory on your family, Once Upon a Time Creation is here to help. Here is the link to our website page with all the ideas of what you can create from your baby’s outgrown clothes and blankets:

If you live in the Philadelphia area, you are welcome to come to our studio to see samples and talk about your keepsake ideas in person (the link to schedule an appointment is right below the menu on our website). If you would like to coordinate by mail, we’re happy to do that too!

Our mission is to create beautiful, functional keepsakes your family will love!

Looking forward to working with you,