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Remembrance Memory Blanket Keepsake with Men's Neck Ties by Once Upon a Time Creation

Custom Keepsakes from Men’s Clothing and Neck Ties

Losing a loved one is never easy. Even if someone has lived a long, full life and was very sick in their last years, you are never quite prepared for that person to not be part of your life. Creating custom keepsakes to honor that person may help you and your family in your journey to peace.

Memory Bear Pillow and Cat by from clothes by Once Upon a Time Creation

Not only are you struggling with the emotional loss of someone dear, you may have to muddle through all the required tasks that come after someone passes away. One of the tasks that can be the most difficult is going through your loved one’s clothes.

Memory Blanket with Necktie and Mens Shirts by Once Upon a Time Creation

The scent and memories of your loved one are so much a part of those clothes it can be seem daunting to part with them. Our mission is to make that step a little easier for you. By creating keepsakes from the really special pieces of clothing, it somehow makes it easier to pass on the rest.

Memory Lovey Keepsake from Men's Neck Ties by Once Upon a Time Creation

All of these custom keepsakes were created out of clothing from a lost loved one and accented with men’s neck ties. So many times, the ties a man wears encompass his passions and showcase the way he presented himself to the world.

Memory Pillow from Neck Ties by Once Upon a Time Creation

If you have saved clothes and ties from your loved one and would like to incorporate them in a keepsake, please reach out, we would love to help you. We will walk you through the process and help you choose keepsakes that will be meaningful and practical for your family.

Tooth Fairy Remembrance Keepsake Pillows from Mens Clothes and Ties by Once Upon a Time Creation

Tooth Fairy Pillows


Here is the link to our website with more information about custom remembrance keepsakes offered by Once Upon a Time Creation.

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