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Camp Achieve T-shirt Memory Blanket

Camp Achieve T-shirt Memory Blanket

When a child is effected with a serious illness or disability, we do our very best to help that child receive the treatment and care they need. Along with the medical treatment, we all want that child to be able to be a kid…to play, experience joy, and make friends.  Places like Camp Achieve are doing just that for children with epilepsy.  We had the opportunity to create a Camp Achieve T-shirt Memory Blanket and learn more about this amazing place.

Camp Achieve for children with Epilepsy

“The Epilepsy Foundation Eastern PA believes no child should feel alone, ostracized or unsafe because of their epilepsy. We strive to alleviate the stresses and fears that many children with epilepsy suffer from by providing them access to all of the life experiences they deserve. Camp Achieve is key to accomplishing this goal. From its humble beginnings over 20 years ago, Camp Achieve has become a uniquely designed program tailored to the special needs of youths with epilepsy.” ~ The Foundation of Eastern PA

Camp Achieve T-shirt Memory Blanket 3

This Memory Blanket was commissioned as a birthday gift from sister to sister. Sue gathered Maria’s t-shirts she has saved from her years volunteering at Camp Achieve to create a special gift for someone who has given so much of her time.

Maria loved her Memory Blanket because of her love for Camp Achieve. After she received her gift, we asked her more about Camp and what we can do to support it.

How did you get involved with Camp Achieve?

“About 10 years ago, I needed something more in my life, something fulfilling. My Neurologist told me about the Epilepsy Foundation of Eastern Pa’s Camp Achieve. Here I am in my 9th year!”

Camp Achieve for children with Epilepsy

What activities can camp goers participate in at Camp Achieve? 

“Camp Achieve is a uniquely designed week long camp with trained medical staff and counselors that specialize in the needs of pre-teens and teens with epilepsy. Campers enjoy swimming, canoeing, arts/crafts, archery, wall climbing and educational activities that helps them understand their epilepsy and the medication they need to take.”

Camp Achieve for children with Epilepsy

Are the Camp Achieve counselors all volunteers?

“The Medical Staff consist of nurses, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Neurologists and Epileptologists from surrounding Health Systems in the tri-state area.

The counselors are all volunteers and the majority have epilepsy. A good percentage started out as Campers”

What have you learned about those living with epilepsy from volunteering at Camp Achieve?

“Having Epilepsy myself, I learned I’m not alone.

Being with these kids, I’ve learned you can’t be upset about the little issues in life. There’s more to life than having seizures!”

Camp Achieve T-shirt Memory Blanket 2

How can we help Camp Achieve?

“We use a lot of supplies for a week at camp. Everything from crayons for art, to snacks to take with medication, to cooling towels so no one has a seizure secondary to the hot weather. The Foundation does have a Grant A Wish site on Facebook with an Amazon list. They always appreciate any donation that may help a child assisting in their camp fee.

This Camp is the best! These kids look forward to it every year! We have a reunion every January and it’s so nice to see everyone so excited to see each other! This year we will have 70 kids!!”

If you would like to follow and support Camp Achieve, please click through…

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Thank you for learning about Camp Achieve and supporting their efforts!


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