Looking for an 8th Grade Graduation Gift Idea?

Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday when they were headed off to kindergarten, looking all adorable in their new uniform. Now they are ready to swim in a bigger pond, expand their horizons, and celebrate all they have accomplished. What 8th grade graduation gift truly celebrates this milestone? A Memory Blanket!

As a Catholic school graduate myself, I understand the extended family you have built with your son or daughter through the grade school years. Between school, church, sports, clubs, fundraisers, and the small community, your parish becomes a second home.

8th Grade Graduation Memory Blanket

Since you and your family are so involved in the various aspects of parish life, it probably seems like almost everything in your child’s wardrobe is branded with your school and the various teams and events that have come along with it.

The great thing about Catholic schools is that they are usually small enough that the kids can try a little bit of everything. From basketball to the school play, everyone gets a chance to participate and try new things.

memory_blanket_8th_grade_graduation_gift_catholic_school_basketball_St. Pat's

And then there are the uniforms! The girls will remember those adorable jumpers from kindergarten and then the pleated plaid skirts forever. Remember buying that jumper in a size too big so your daughter could “grow into it” and before you knew it, it was too short?

How about your active little boy who now seems to grow inches overnight? Over the years, he has probably accumulated monogrammed polos, ties, and sweaters in every size you could imagine.


What can you do with all these precious clothes? Create a memory blanket, of course! All of the treasured clothing that you have saved will be displayed on your blanket…t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, track singlets, uniform skirts, jumpers, polos, sweaters, ties, hair ribbons, patches, sweatpants, and gym shorts. I am sure I am forgetting something, but you get the gist.

Gym t-shirt with shorts and sweats

Gym t-shirt with shorts and sweats

Want to take a peek at this St. Pat’s blanket in person? It will be on display during the Malvern Stroll at Knots and Weaves (218 E. King St.) on Thursday, June 18th. I will be there to explain how the process works, talk about your ideas, and answer any questions you may have.

Looking forward to seeing you,


To learn more about sizes, pricing, and to see other gift ideas, please visit the Graduation Gift Ideas page of our website.  If you are ready to go, it is really easy to schedule an appointment here: Schedule My Appointment.

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