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What’s in a name?  Since the beginning of Once Upon a Time Creation, we have been created new things from old.  Sometimes it wasn’t obvious how life started for our creations, so our tags read “Once Upon a Time, I was a…”  As all things do, our business has evolved into custom creations made just for you.  We believe our name holds a new meaning as every piece we create tells a story.  What story will your creation tell?  Your childhood journey?  Your love story? The history of a lost loved one?

Through Once Upon a Time Creation, I feel so blessed to have found this amazing way to help you celebrate their memories in new ways.  You save clothes for a reason, they hold special memories for you.  They are not meant to be stuck in a bin in the attic.  They are meant to be enjoyed every day in a meaningful way that brings a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.   The possibilities are endless and we love the whole process…getting to know you, designing each piece, and sharing your memories.

I also believe home is where the heart is.  Making our house our home is a my passion.  Repurposing, reinventing, and making it pretty and functional are all part of the fun.

This blog is about sharing my love of home and our creations.  Please stay a while and get to know us as we have renovate our home and help others preserve their memories.

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To contact me by email: jen@onceuponatimecreation.com

Once Upon a Time Creation…proudly serving our clients on the web and local clients in Philadelphia, Malvern, Paoli, along the Main Line, and throughout Chester County, PA.

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