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Vintage Door Desk

Sometimes finding the perfect desk can be more challenging than expected.  You would think it would be easy with so many choices out there.  But, of course, I couldn’t find exactly what we needed.   Continue reading

Barstool Facelift

Barstool After

Did you ever have something forever that you didn’t like, with the full intention of replacing it when you could afford “something better”?  Sometimes that day just doesn’t come:)  These barstools were that “something” for me. We purchased them at Target years ago in a rush because we needed them right away.

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Super Simple Spring Mantel

Here in the Northeast we cannot wait for spring.  Spotted these tulips at the grocery store and just had to bring them home.

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Old Trunk Rehab

One of the reasons I love repurposing is that all the pieces have a story.  An old trunk is a great example.  Where has it been?  Who has it served? How many generations has it met?

I graciously accepted this trunk when a family friend downsized.  She used it to house her kids’ dress-up clothes.  That was about 30 years ago.  Although I am not sure of its actual age, I know it has seen many more years than that. Wonder where it was before.  Did it originally belong to her mother, her grandmother???

This trunk needed some serious TLC. The top was sanded with an orbital sander, wiped down, and a coat of Early American stain applied.  The letter and numbers were added with stencils and black craft paint. The “A” is for Anderson, our last name, and 32 is our street address.  After sanding the black paint a bit, the entire trunk was sprayed with a satin finish polyurethane. The result is such a huge improvement.

The orbital sander I use is from DeWalt.  These go on sale around the holidays so keep an eye out and a good deal can be found.  Sometimes the best buys can be found at your local Ace or TruValue.  I just love power tools and ask for one almost every holiday.  Asking for tools as gifts is a great way to amass your building powerhouse.  My dad and father-in-law just love it!

Have fun finding your trunk to rehab. Once you start looking you’ll find them everywhere…usually on the curb just waiting to be rescued!

Before the Rehab

The Shabby Nest

Wall Air Conditioner Cover

Wall Air Conditioner Cover

An uncovered wall air conditioner can be quite an eyesore.  Looking at ours in our main living area used to drive me nuts, especially in the winter!

This cover was built from an old cabinet door and pine boards.  I honestly do not remember where this door came from, but it has served me well through many projects.  Think it has finally found its calling.

Old cabinet doors are great because they are lighter and easier to work with than larger interior wood doors as they are usually only 3/4 to 1 inch thick.  Scoring some with vintage hardware is a huge bonus.

Vintage hardware is something worth collecting.  If you see an old hinge or knob that you like, just buy it.  Adding vintage hardware enhances any project.  This cover still needs a latch, but haven’t come across just the right one yet:)

For this project and most of our trim, we use Behr Premium Ivory Lace.  Love the antique white color and it covers really well.

If you would like more info about building one of these, just let me know.  Would love to help.

hinge aire conditioner cover open