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Remembrance Memory Blanket Keepsake with Men's Neck Ties by Once Upon a Time Creation

Custom Keepsakes from Men’s Clothing and Neck Ties

Losing a loved one is never easy. Even if someone has lived a long, full life and was very sick in their last years, you are never quite prepared for that person to not be part of your life. Creating custom keepsakes to honor that person may help you and your family in your journey to peace.

Memory Bear Pillow and Cat by from clothes by Once Upon a Time Creation

Not only are you struggling with the emotional loss of someone dear, you may have to muddle through all the required tasks that come after someone passes away. One of the tasks that can be the most difficult is going through your loved one’s clothes.

Memory Blanket with Necktie and Mens Shirts by Once Upon a Time Creation

The scent and memories of your loved one are so much a part of those clothes it can be seem daunting to part with them. Our mission is to make that step a little easier for you. By creating keepsakes from the really special pieces of clothing, it somehow makes it easier to pass on the rest.

Memory Lovey Keepsake from Men's Neck Ties by Once Upon a Time Creation

All of these custom keepsakes were created out of clothing from a lost loved one and accented with men’s neck ties. So many times, the ties a man wears encompass his passions and showcase the way he presented himself to the world.

Memory Pillow from Neck Ties by Once Upon a Time Creation

If you have saved clothes and ties from your loved one and would like to incorporate them in a keepsake, please reach out, we would love to help you. We will walk you through the process and help you choose keepsakes that will be meaningful and practical for your family.

Tooth Fairy Remembrance Keepsake Pillows from Mens Clothes and Ties by Once Upon a Time Creation

Tooth Fairy Pillows


Here is the link to our website with more information about custom remembrance keepsakes offered by Once Upon a Time Creation.

If you have questions, please email Jen (at)

Once Upon a Time Creation and Organize 365 Remembrance Keepsakes from clothing 2

Remembrance Keepsake Loveys for Organize 365

Did you ever want to do a project but got stuck because you didn’t know who could help you bring your vision into reality? Lisa Woodruff from Organize 365 has encouraged her clients for years to transform their sentimental clothing into a memory blanket, pillow, stuffed animal, or remembrance keepsake but she didn’t know where to send them to have that done. Now she does!

Once Upon a Time Creation and Organize 365 Remembrance Keepsake from clothing 3

We are so grateful for our partnership with Lisa and especially thankful for her podcast featuring all the keepsakes created by Once Upon a Time Creation. She beautifully captures the essence of our service. If you would like to listen, here is the link:


Lisa also commissioned us to create keepsakes to honor her grandmother. Her grandmother had impeccable taste in clothes and Lisa saved a few pieces that are special to her and her family. These sunny yellow sweaters and pants make you smile just to look at them!

Once Upon a Time Creation and Organize 365 Remembrance Keepsake from clothing 4

Her goal was to create meaningful keepsakes for her Mom and Aunt to celebrate the memory of their Mom. These Doll Loveys are so sweet in their cheery yellow with beautiful flowers and adorable bees. We hope that when they are held and looked upon, they bring back happy memories and carry a feeling of peace and love.


Once Upon a Time Creation and Organize 365 Remembrance Keepsake from clothing 5

If you would like Lisa to help you organize your home, please check out her website Organize 365. Her introductory class is Organization 101: The Sunday Basket. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

To create lasting keepsakes from your treasured clothing, please contact us here at Once Upon a Time Creation. We have created meaningful gifts, such as memory blankets, pillows, loveys, totes, ornaments, and more from all kinds of clothing and would love to help you. If you are local to the Philly area, you are welcome to come to our studio. If not, we can coordinate your project by mail.

Army Uniform Remembrance Keepsakes by Once Upon a Time Creation

Honoring A Special Uncle with Army Uniform Keepsakes

Sometimes a memory is too painful to talk about. The heartache and grief are just too much to bear, so we do what we can to get through the day, the weeks, and the years. This family lost their son in Vietnam and the physical memories of him were tucked away until the next generation found them and wanted to share his story.

Army Uniforms in the trunk before the keepsake creation by Once Upon a Time Creation


They wanted to honor his life by sharing memories of him, both in word and deed. Through the creation of keepsakes from his uniforms and sharing them with siblings, nieces, and nephews, this family found a way to share a piece of their own history.

Army Uniform Keepsakes by Once Upon a Time Creation

Sometimes a physical memento is the catalyst to converstaion. Our senses of touch, sight, and smell all help us to spark memories, remember moments, and ask questions. A memento, whether a picture, artifact, or keepsake, can also help explain events and stories to the next generation.

Army Uniform Keepsakes by Once Upon a Time Creation

Sharing a family history is different than reading a book about the bigger picture. It’s about understanding who people are and how they got there. It’s about seeing physical and personality traits trend through generations. It’s about appreciating that who and where you are today was directly affected by the decisions and circumstances of those that came before you.

Army Uniform Remembrance Keepsakes by Once Upon a Time Creation

Army Uniform Keepsakes

Sharing your own family history makes stories of the past real for the next generation. Reading about how many soldiers were lost in Vietnam in a book is vastly different than hearing your grandma talk about the day the letter arrived or feeling your uncle’s fear as he talks about the days he spent overseas. Our image of the world is shaped in many ways. Personal accounts of our own family are valuable pieces to the puzzle that we pass to the next generation.

Army Uniform  Keepsakes by Once Upon a Time Creation

What are your thoughts? How do you share your family history? I would love to hear from you.


If you have saved clothing from a lost loved one and would like to create custom keepsakes to share with your family, please visit our website Once Upon a Time Creation 

Once Upon a Time Creation Remembrance Keepsakes Handkerchief Pillows 3

Remembrance keepsakes in honor of Grace and Grace

Do you have pieces of clothing or some other fabric you saved from your grandmother? Maybe it is her wedding gown, favorite dress, iconic apron, something she crocheted or quilted, handkerchiefs, or even a tablecloth?  Remembrance keepsakes created from these precious things helps connect generations in a special way. When there is something physical in front of you, it can reach into your memory to recreate a feeling or moment that may otherwise be lost.

Once Upon a Time Creation Remembrance Keepsakes Handkerchief Pillows 4

Just the word “grandmother” brings a warm feeling to our hearts. She is the one you could talk to without judgement, learn stories of a time so different from ours, and make you feel like the most important person in the world.

Are there little things that remind you of your grandmother? Mine always had a box of Chiclets (those little square pieces of gum), her charm bracelet jangled when she moved, and she made these “magic” desserts with pudding and jello in layers and we could never figure out how she did it.

Once Upon a Time Creation Remembrance Keepsakes Heart Ornaments 2

When we lost my grandmother, we created angel ornaments from her pjs and gave them to the family for Christmas. You can read more about that here. Since then, we have been helping others remember their grandmothers by transforming textiles they saved into remembrance keepsakes to share with their family.

Once Upon a Time Creation Remembrance Keepsakes Pillows 1

Sometimes we even have the rare opportunity to help a family honor two grandmothers. When both grandmothers are named Grace, you know that is something special.

Christy brought us a shirt, pair of pants, and charms, that belonged to her mother, and her grandmother’s handkerchiefs and wedding rings, and asked us to create remembrance keepsakes for her to share with her family. The goal was to have a gift for everyone, siblings and grandchildren.

Once Upon a Time Creation Remembrance Keepsakes Handkerchief Pillows 2

We began with the handkerchiefs and designed pillows for Christy’s siblings and cousins in remembrance of their grandmother. Christy and I went through the beautiful handkerchiefs together to coordinate the colors and styles so that each pillow would have a different one on either side.

One Upon a Time Creation Remembrance Keepsakes Angel Ornaments 3

Then we decided to create ornaments for Christy’s mother’s grandchildren, many of whom did not have the opportunity to meet “Grandma Grace”. Hearts for the boys and angels for the girls. Each child was given a charm from the bracelet which was attached to their ornament. Our hope is that each time the ornament is hung on the tree, stories are told and memories are shared.

Once Upon a Time Creation Remembrance keepsakes Heart and Angel Ornaments 1

Sharing stories of generations before us remains an important part of our family history. If we don’t talk about them, they get lost. Sharing the trials and triumphs of past generations with the next generation helps them gain perspective, give them deep roots, and the courage to sprout wings.

What are the little things you remember about your grandmother?


Remembrance Gifts created from Dad’s favorite clothing

When you picture your parents, do you see them wearing their favorite clothes? The styles may vary, but the clothes represent who they are.  Whether you picture a tailored suit coat or race t-shirts, the clothes tell their story. By creating Remembrance Gifts from favorite clothing, you can keep a tangible memory with you that honors their spirit and style.

Remembrance Gifts from Dad's Favorite Clothingby Once Upon a Time Creation 1

When Barbara lost her Dad, she saved his favorite clothes because they held so many special memories for her and her family. When she talked about her Dad, you could feel how much she misses him. Growing up with all brothers, I am sure Barbara held a special place in her Dad’s heart. As the family grew, her Dad enjoyed everything that came along with a big, loving family. Continue reading

Remembrance Keepsake Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation

Remembrance Keepsake Memory Blanket for a Special Niece

A remembrance keepsake memory blanket created from clothing of a lost a loved one is a gift that we hope offers a bit of comfort to help ease the pain of grief.


In her desire to help her family, Nancy contacted us about designing a memory blanket for her niece in memory of her sister-in-law. She wasn’t sure what to do because all she had were scarves and one shirt, but wanted to create something special for her niece.

After chatting for a bit, we decided to create a memory blanket from her treasured clothing. We talked about the Bohemian nature of the fabrics and colors and also her sister-in-law’s style.

Remembrance Keepsake Memory Blanket designed from scarves by Once Upon a Time Creation

It is so important to talk about the person whose clothing it was and the person who will receive the gift.  We feel that both personalities should be reflected in the keepsake to truly honor both people.

As this was our first experience creating a blanket from scarves, Nancy and I went through a few design ideas, which were then tweaked in the studio before production began. We really wanted it to be obvious that the original clothing was scarves so keeping long, linear lines was important.  There was also fringe on one of the scarves that we wanted to incorporate.  In the end, we decided to switch the direction of a few of the scarves to add more dimension but still keep the feel of the scarves.

Remembrance Keepsake Memory Blanket designed from scarves by Once Upon a Time Creation

As always, the blanket is backed with a soft, cozy flannel. Our hope is that your remembrance keepsake memory blanket feels like a hug and helps bring a bit of comfort.

What kinds of sentimental clothing have you saved?


For more remembrance keepsake ideas, here is a link to our Remembrance Gifts webpage: Remembrance Keepsakes and Gifts. To contact me directly, please call 610-202-7850 or (jen at onceuponatimecreation dot com). I am always here to help and am more than happy to answer any questions you may have.