Industrial Window Look ~ Great for Teen Boy’s Room

Welcome back to WIndow Wednesday.  As much as I love vintage, my son loves everything modern and industrial.  It’s his room, right?

Yesterday was spring cleaning day in C’s room. His curtains were pretty much falling down so it was time for an upgrade.

Hanging curtains from electrical conduit is nothing new, but this was my first shot at it.  Since C’s into the industrial look, decided to leave as much exposed metal as possible so the rod runs the length of the wall.

This rod was so easy to hang and SUPER inexpensive (the whole project cost less that $6).  I bought a 10ft metal electrical conduit (3/4″ in diameter) and a bag of the little hanger things that are right next to the conduit at Home Depot.  Just be sure to buy the hangers that fit the rod you buy.

Take the fasteners out of the holders to hang them.  I hung the holders with 2″ drywall screws.  Try to space them so you hit studs (or use wall anchors).  After the holders are secure, set the rod in place, hang the curtain as you wish, and put the fasteners back in the holders.

Wish someone would have told me how hard it is to take pictures of windows before I started this whole Window Wednesday thing:)  If any of you have tips to share, they would be greatly appreciated!

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