Old Trunk Rehab

One of the reasons I love repurposing is that all the pieces have a story.  An old trunk is a great example.  Where has it been?  Who has it served? How many generations has it met?

I graciously accepted this trunk when a family friend downsized.  She used it to house her kids’ dress-up clothes.  That was about 30 years ago.  Although I am not sure of its actual age, I know it has seen many more years than that. Wonder where it was before.  Did it originally belong to her mother, her grandmother???

This trunk needed some serious TLC. The top was sanded with an orbital sander, wiped down, and a coat of Early American stain applied.  The letter and numbers were added with stencils and black craft paint. The “A” is for Anderson, our last name, and 32 is our street address.  After sanding the black paint a bit, the entire trunk was sprayed with a satin finish polyurethane. The result is such a huge improvement.

The orbital sander I use is from DeWalt.  These go on sale around the holidays so keep an eye out and a good deal can be found.  Sometimes the best buys can be found at your local Ace or TruValue.  I just love power tools and ask for one almost every holiday.  Asking for tools as gifts is a great way to amass your building powerhouse.  My dad and father-in-law just love it!

Have fun finding your trunk to rehab. Once you start looking you’ll find them everywhere…usually on the curb just waiting to be rescued!

Before the Rehab

The Shabby Nest

One thought on “Old Trunk Rehab

  1. Doris O'Brien

    Wow! How many times did you move that thing around? Say you were going to throw it out but couldn’t. Great job. It finally found a new home and purpose. I just love those letter stencils. They work just about anywhere.


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