Once Upon a Time Creation and Perspective on Parenting

Perspective on Parenting: Our Live Radio Appearance

In November, my daughter, Madeleine, and I had the opportunity to be guests of Julia Sherwin on her radio show Perspectives on Parenting. It was the first time either of us was on live radio so we were pretty nervous, but Julia made us feel right at ease and it was an amazing experience.

 Julia and I met in the spring when we created a memory blanket for her son. During Julia’s consultation, I learned about her background and radio show. She offered to have us on the show and I finally mustered up the courage to contact her about it later in the fall.
Once Upon a Time Creation Keepsake Memory Blanket
Now we are turning the tables so you can learn about Julia and her weekly radio show, Perspectives on Parenting. She hosts guests and experts each week to help all of us through the trials and tribulations of parenting.
We hope you enjoy this interview with Julia and would love for you to check out her show live (Mondays from 1:00- 1:30 on WHCE 1520 AM) or on the recorded podcasts, which can be found at Perspective on Parenting.
How did you get started with Perspective on Parenting?
“Perspective on Parenting began as a bi-weekly column in the newspaper here in Chester County. I decided to use my journalism and professional writing background to share some of the stories and insights I experienced as a mom, but mainly to try to build a forum for other parents to communicate. Parenting is absolutely the hardest job in the world, so I wanted to see what other parents were experiencing and, in the process, help me become a better mom. After a little more than a year as a columnist, I launched the radio version in Sept. of 2014.”
What do you like most about live radio?
“I love the element of surprise. I’m learning along with my listeners as I interview each of my guests. I think that keeps it fresh and authentic for me, as an interviewer.”
Have any of your guests helped you with a particular parenting struggle?
“Yes, they all have in some way, even if it’s something I haven’t yet encountered as a parent. I’ve been most impacted by parents who’ve lost children, and some of their stories have stayed with me. I have especially learned from positive discipline experts and psychologists I’ve had on the show. It’s so important that children hear more about what they’re doing well than what they’re doing wrong.”
Do you have any quick tips or life hacks for women juggling a career and family?
“I have less time with my children now that I work more and they’re all school aged. I try to make sure our moments together are filled with quality time and family traditions. Even if they are just helping me prepare a meal or sit with me on the bed when I’m working on my laptop, it’s a chance for us to share our day together.”
Where can people find and follow you?
“I’m all the usual places on social media. Facebook at Perspective on Parenting, Instagram the same and Twitter at JuliaSherwinPoP . “
Thank you for joining us today,
If you would like to listen, here is the recording of our episode. Madeleine and I were on the show together because we launched a new business in 2016. GiGY has turned the world of gig bags (soft cases for instruments) upside down with a customizable, build your own system so that every musician can have a gig bag as cool as they are. We talk about Once Upon a Time Creation and GiGY and then Madeleine performs at the end.
GiGY and Perspective on Parenting

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