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Barstool Facelift

Barstool After

Did you ever have something forever that you didn’t like, with the full intention of replacing it when you could afford “something better”?  Sometimes that day just doesn’t come:)  These barstools were that “something” for me. We purchased them at Target years ago in a rush because we needed them right away.

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Save money on your kitchen remodel

kitchen tips

There are so many ways to save a little money without sacrificing quality.  Here are five ways we saved during our kitchen remodel.

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Vintage Kitchen

White pitchers, old glass bottles, wire baskets and glass storage add vintage charm to any kitchen.    All these things are easy to find and usually inexpensive.

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DIY Slate Countertop

slate countertop

Reusing materials can save you tons of money on any room redo.  This cabinet and countertop added NOTHING to our kitchen budget.  Gotta love something for nothing!

We reused all the original cabinets in our kitchen remodel. With some paint and glaze, they were transformed. Visit this previous post about our cabinet finishing.

Putting the slate countertop together was super easy (considering we had already learned how to tile by doing the floor).  All the materials were leftover from other parts of the kitchen.  We cut a 3/4 inch piece of plywood to size, picked out the slate pieces we wanted to use and decided on the pattern.  We cut the slate using a wet saw.  This may sound a bit scary, but it is so easy once you get used to it (just very messy!)  After the tiles were set and dry, we grouted the seams and the front.  The front edge is just grout, but it looks like a thick piece of stone. After all was dry we finished with a food grade mineral oil.

This countertop is a workhorse. It can handle anything we throw at it including hot pots and spilled spaghetti sauce.

It is amazing what you can do with leftover materials.  Our best ideas come to us over a glass of wine:)  Give yourself kudos, repurposing is great for the environment and your wallet!

slate countertop mineral oil  slate countertop close-up

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover


After a little over a year in our “new” house, we found ourselves with a broken dishwasher, barely working cooktop, and the wonderful wall oven that would not even fit my cookie sheets. Time to rip apart the kitchen!

Once we realized that the majority of our budget had to go toward appliances, we got creative.  Our biggest savings…reusing all our cabinets.  Even though they were not my style, they were in good shape (except the sink cabinet, which had to be replaced due to a nasty leak).

Since our plan was to reconfigure the kitchen, we had to come up with a new layout using our existing cabinets.  Sort of like real world Jenga, and it worked!  We took them all down and reused them in completely different ways. The set above was moved from the corner to the island.

The hardest part of this operation is finding the color you want.  I just love those $3 samples from Home Depot.  They are an inexpensive way to play with paint colors. We had many versions sitting all over our downstairs until we decided this was the combo we liked best.  The winning color is a mix of Behr Ultra Pencil Point from Home Depot and Valspar Glaze from Lowe’s. The cabinets were then slightly distressed with sandpaper and finished with a Flat Polyurethane.

Looked all over for knobs…found these at Target. They are perfect, with a pewter look, and a great price!

Just LOVE the color with the slate floors and recycled barn wood countertops.  Of course, the slate floors and countertops have stories of their own.  So, our kitchen remodel is to be continued…