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Girl Scout Keepsake Pillow by Once Upon a Time Creation

Girl Scout Pillow


A Girl Scout Pillow created from your vests and sashes is a fun way to celebrate those Girl Scout years. From Daisies to Brownies to Juniors to Cadettes to Seniors, each stage of the journey is filled with meeting new friends, enjoying new experience, and learning new skills.

Girl Scout Pillow by Once Upon a Time Creation

Whether you have saved vests and sashes from you or your daughter, they are too special to part with. Each patch is earned through hard work and dedication.

Girl Scout Pillow 3 by Once Upon a Time Creation

Your Daisy bib, vest, t-shirt showcases the beginning of the Girl Scout journey while learning about the Girl Scout fundamentals and the value of every line of the Girl Scout Promise.

Girl Scout Pillow 2 by Once Upon a Time Creation

Bridging from Daisies to Brownies opens up a new world full of Journeys and Try-Its.

Girl Scout Keepsake

Going from Brownies to Juniors brings on new challenges as they are encouraged to reach out of their comfort zone and try new things. As they emerge as leaders, they can help guide the younger ones and show them what it means to be a Girl Scout.

Girl Scout Pillow (back) by Once Upon a Time Creation

Since neither myself nor my daughter ventured into Cadettes or Seniors, I don’t have personal experience with the levels. But, from what I hear, they are filled with travel and growth opportunities that the girls will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

If you would like us to help you transform your Girl Scout vests and sashes into a Girl Scout Pillow, please visit our website: Girl Scout Pillow

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Wedding Dress Keepsakes by Once Upon a Time Creation 3

What can I do with my wedding dress?

Is your wedding dress in a box in the attic? Covered up in your closet? In a bag in storage? Wouldn’t you love to enjoy your dress again?

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it brings my thoughts to love and that amazing day when we professed that love and rejoiced in it with our friends and family. From beginning to end, it was a celebration of a new life together. Seriously, what is not to love about your wedding day? Doting husband…amazing guests…meaningful ceremony…great food…flowing drinks…your favorite music…and, of course, the dress!

Wedding Dress Keepsakes by Once Upon a Time Creation 4

Reliving little wedding day moments is so much easier when you are holding something in your hands that reminds you of that special day. Did you know that that “something” could be your gorgeous gown? There are so many ways you can transform your dress so you can love it again.

Without further ado, here are some ideas for you…

Wedding Gown Keepsake Wristlet Bags by Once Upon a Time Creation 5

Bridal wristlets have always been popular wedding shower gifts from Mom to the bride-to-be. Created from Mom’s (or Grandmom’s) gown, this piece of history served as “Something Old and Something New” and connected generations in a special way. While this is still a fabulous idea, we have seen a growing trend of women creating wristlets for themselves from their own gowns.

Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to carry your wedding dress with you every time you have a date night or get fancy? Not only are these wristlets beautiful and meaningful, they are so versatile. They look fabulous with any color dress for the big nights out and they also bring that jeans and pumps outfit to the next level. It’s big enough for all your night out essentials, but you will have to leave the sippy cup at home.

Wedding Gown Keepsake Wristlet Bags by Once Upon a Time Creation 3

Since a wedding dress normally has quite a bit of fabric to work with, you can also share your piece of history with your family.

Wedding Dress Ring Bearer Pillow Keepsake by Once Upon a Time Creation 1

If there is an upcoming wedding, a ring bearer pillow is an instant family heirloom that can be shared and passed down when the big days arrive.

Wedding Dress Ring Bearer Pillow Keepsake by Once Upon a Time Creation 2

Boys can get in on the fun, too, with a handkerchief made from your dress.

Wedding Gown Keepsakes by Once Upon a Time Creation 3

Throw pillows are another great way to love your wedding dress again. Each gown is so unique and all that loveliness showcases beautifully on a pillow.

Wedding Dress Pillow Keepsakes by Once Upon a Time Creation 2

Wedding Dress Keepsake Pillow by Once Upon a Time Creation

Of all these custom keepsakes, ornaments may be my favorite. I have heard from so many clients that they keep their ornament out all year, hanging it in a special place to enjoy every day.

Wedding Dress Heart Ornament Keepsake by Once Upon a Time Creation 1

Just think how long we all treasure our ornaments. Each year, when we decorate the tree, we reminisce about the story behind each piece. Whether your wedding dress ornaments are created from your gown or another family member’s gown, you will come away with a tangible piece of history connecting generations.

Wedding Dress Angel Ornament Keepsake by Once Upon a Time Creation 1

Thanks so much for allowing me to share these ideas with you. Hopefully, you are inspired to get your wedding dress out of storage and love it again.  A creation from your wedding gown would make a great Valentine’s gift!


If you would like Once Upon a Time Creation to help you transform your wedding dress into beautiful, custom keepsakes you can enjoy for years to come, please visit: Gift Ideas Created from Wedding Gowns.


Custom Keepsake Ornaments by Once Upon a TIme Creation

The Beauty of Ornaments

There are no rules when it comes to tree trimming in our house. We do not have the decorator-variety tree where all the ornaments are coordinated and the latest garland trend is draped perfectly over the evergreen branches.

Heart Apron Ornaments by Once Upon a TIme Creation

Remembrance Ornaments created from a beloved apron.

Our tree is adorned with little feathered handprints, laminated snowflakes proudly framing a preschool picture, quilted treasures from my aunt, wooden creations from my grandfather, different Nativity scenes, the varied collection we have amassed from places we have been, the few glass balls we have left from our first tree (when we ran to CVS for decorations realizing we had none), JoePa figurines, and so much more.

Heart Remembrance Jean Ornament by Once Upon a TIme Creation

In loving memory of a hard working dad created from his paint-covered overalls.

The collection I am most proud of will not be hung on our tree forever. Every year we give each child an ornament that represents an activity, a favorite occasion, or something they love from that year. When we pull out all their ornaments, we see all the things they have done, learned about, and obsessed over.

Irish Heart Ornaments by Once Upon a Time Creation

These are not fancy ornaments. Some have been purchased at the mall kiosk, some have been ordered online, some have been locally purchased, and some have been handcrafted. Everything is represented, from karate to video games to movies as well as princesses, dance, and instruments.  Seeing them together creates a little “this is your life” snapshot that will go with each of my kids when they have their own tree someday.

Penn State Ornaments by Once Upon a Time Creation

Outgrown pjs turned into fun ornaments.

And then there is the collection that is not hung on the tree, but will go with them also. This group is displayed in our studio all year. These are the ornaments designed from clothes that they wore when they were little. For some of you, you may be experiencing this now and for some, you may remember, that there always seemed to be a favorite piece of clothing from each year. It may have been the camo pants with the big pockets for collecting rocks or the Spongebob pjs, or maybe the Cinderella dress or the comfy romper. Now that they are both teenagers, each ornament brings me back to when they were little, and how parenting then was easier and harder at the same time.

Angel Wedding Dress Ornament by Once Upon a Time Creation

A beautiful wedding dress becomes angel remembrance ornaments.

Decorating the Christmas tree has always been a big deal in my family. My grandmother hosted her annual tree trimming party to bring family and friends together to eat, drink, and adorn her enormous tree. She believed in the miracle of family and Christmas so this was her time to shine. After she passed away, we created angel ornaments for everyone in the family out of her red and white pjs. My hope is that when that ornament is hung on each tree we can all feel her smiling down on us.

Angel Remembrance Keepsake Ornament by Once Upon a Time Creation

To me, ornaments are not just decoration. They are a family history to be enjoyed, displayed, and shared every year in that magical Christmas time we all love.

Vintage Linen Ornament by Once Upon a Time Creation

Heirloom vintage linens can now be enjoyed on the tree.

Do you have an ornament or Christmas tree tradition? I would love to hear about it.


If you would like us to help you create ornaments from special clothing you have saved, please visit our website (https://www.onceuponatimecreation.com) or contact me (610-202-7850 or jen@onceuponatimecreation.com).

Heart Shirt Remembrance Ornaments by Once Upon a TIme Creation

Remembrance ornaments for the family from favorite shirts.

Looking for an 8th Grade Graduation Gift Idea?

Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday when they were headed off to kindergarten, looking all adorable in their new uniform. Now they are ready to swim in a bigger pond, expand their horizons, and celebrate all they have accomplished. What 8th grade graduation gift truly celebrates this milestone? A Memory Blanket!

As a Catholic school graduate myself, I understand the extended family you have built with your son or daughter through the grade school years. Between school, church, sports, clubs, fundraisers, and the small community, your parish becomes a second home.

8th Grade Graduation Memory Blanket
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Remembrance Keepsake Blanket by Once Upon a Time Creation

Remembrance Keepsake Memory Blanket for a Special Niece

A remembrance keepsake memory blanket created from clothing of a lost a loved one is a gift that we hope offers a bit of comfort to help ease the pain of grief.


In her desire to help her family, Nancy contacted us about designing a memory blanket for her niece in memory of her sister-in-law. She wasn’t sure what to do because all she had were scarves and one shirt, but wanted to create something special for her niece.

After chatting for a bit, we decided to create a memory blanket from her treasured clothing. We talked about the Bohemian nature of the fabrics and colors and also her sister-in-law’s style.

Remembrance Keepsake Memory Blanket designed from scarves by Once Upon a Time Creation

It is so important to talk about the person whose clothing it was and the person who will receive the gift.  We feel that both personalities should be reflected in the keepsake to truly honor both people.

As this was our first experience creating a blanket from scarves, Nancy and I went through a few design ideas, which were then tweaked in the studio before production began. We really wanted it to be obvious that the original clothing was scarves so keeping long, linear lines was important.  There was also fringe on one of the scarves that we wanted to incorporate.  In the end, we decided to switch the direction of a few of the scarves to add more dimension but still keep the feel of the scarves.

Remembrance Keepsake Memory Blanket designed from scarves by Once Upon a Time Creation

As always, the blanket is backed with a soft, cozy flannel. Our hope is that your remembrance keepsake memory blanket feels like a hug and helps bring a bit of comfort.

What kinds of sentimental clothing have you saved?


For more remembrance keepsake ideas, here is a link to our Remembrance Gifts webpage: Remembrance Keepsakes and Gifts. To contact me directly, please call 610-202-7850 or (jen at onceuponatimecreation dot com). I am always here to help and am more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Adorable Custom Keepsake Pillow created from outgrown Christmas dresses

 Would you like a keepsake pillow created from Christmas dresses?

Pillow Keepsake created from Christmas Dresses

If you saved your kids’ first Christmas outfits and dresses, you could create a custom keepsake pillow to treasure for years to come. Those first Christmas outfits remind us of those magical Christmas Eve nights of putting out cookies for Santa and reading the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. Everyone trying to go to sleep, but too excited wanting Christmas morning to come.

The memories are why we save those Christmas outfits. This custom pillow was designed from C’s first and second Christmas dresses and given to her Grandma for her birthday. The pillow showcases all the beautiful features from the dresses, like the sequins, rosettes, floral embroidery, and ruffles. This pictures show the front and back of the same pillow so Grandma can switch looks to keep things fresh.

Isn’t this a great gift for Grandma? She will love this personal keepsake especially if shopping for special occasion dresses has been Grandma’s treat. For the holidays, Grandma loves when your little one looks their best. Giving a gift of memories, such as a keepsake pillow,  is a meaningful gift she will treasure for years to come.

Pillows can be designed from one or several dresses or other pieces of clothing. Everything that makes the original outfit special will be on your new keepsake. It is so much fun to witness the transformation from clothing to keepsake. Each individually designed piece is so unique because no two projects are ever the same.

Boys clothes are fun, too!  Little ties, sweaters, and matching pants come together to create a special patchwork of memories. Plaids, stripes, toy trains, and other holiday cheer will make any keepsake pillow a special holiday treat.

For more information on custom keepsakes pillows, please visit here: http://www.onceuponatimecreation.com/Pillows-s/101.htm