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Vintage Kitchen

White pitchers, old glass bottles, wire baskets and glass storage add vintage charm to any kitchen.    All these things are easy to find and usually inexpensive.

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Chalkboard Pantry Menu

You gotta love quick and easy changes that make a big impact.

In my ongoing attempt at organization, I have been trying to better plan the weekly menu.  This is helpful for two big reasons. First, as a self-proclaimed not-great-chef, it just feels great to know what I am going to make everyday and that the ingredients are actually in my refrigerator. Second, less trips to the grocery store means spending less money…always a good thing.

So after planning the menu and having all the ingredients on hand, thought I was on the right track.  Silly me would forget to write down the plan (or write it on a post-it or scrap of paper that would get thrown away) and the planning time and effort just went out the window.

With a little chalkboard paint and extra wall paint from the kitchen (Behr Perfect Taupe), our weeks are suddenly better organized.  Since the menu is on the inside of the door, the outside still looks clean and uncluttered when the door is closed.

Here’s the bonus…when the “what’s for dinner” questions start rolling in, I just point to the menu.  The kids now know what to expect for the course of the week, which somehow translates into less complaining about the dinner choices. And, for some crazy reason, Friday pizza day doesn’t seem far away when they see it in writing:)

Try this out at home. Can be anywhere…in the pantry or behind a cabinet door. Chalkboard paint dries unbelievably fast, so you can be done in about an hour…even with three coats of paint!  A quart of chalkboard paint goes a long way, so maybe share with a friend.

Have a great day!

UPDATE: Thanks so much to Kelly from LilyPadCottage for her inspiring chalkboards designs.

Here is our new version:

Menu close up

Jars, Jars, and more Jars!


Open shelving is worth the risk…

Putting open shelving in our new kitchen took much convincing with my better half, but now he loves it (and so do I). These jarred staples are used everyday.  The airtight lids keep everything super fresh and it is easy to see when we are running low.

The top shelf houses our baking needs…flour, sugar, and oatmeal. These are cracker jars with twist off lids. They are sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target.

The next shelf changes constantly. Now showing…popcorn, marshmallows, walnuts, quinoa, beans, etc.  These are all wide mouth Ball jars, pint or quart size. They are sold at Walmart by the case, but they can also be found everywhere for a little less at the end of the summer (canning season).

The third shelf usually holds pancake mix, hot chocolate, dog biscuits, and crackers. These are also cracker jars, just in a different size.

The large white containers are great because they hold an entire bag of chips or pretzels…the kids love this shelf and everything stays fresh. These came from Ikea a number of years ago, but anything similar will work. Just make sure the lid has an airtight seal.  The fun chalkboard labels are from Staples.

Give open shelving a try to create a vintage feel in your kitchen!