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Going Back to Work After Baby with Nicole Pica and Once Upon a Time Creation

From the Experts: Going Back to Work After Baby with Nicole Pica

We are so excited to bring you this new blog series…From the Experts!

Here at Once Upon a Time Creation, our mission has always been to support your love of family as you treasure special moments, both big and small. I love to hear the stories behind your cherished keepsakes and understand, through all of you, that each stage of life presents us with new challenges. As life twists and turns, there is always a new experience that keeps us on our toes, reminding us that the more we know, the more there is to learn.  I truly believe that “it takes a village” and that we are all in this together. 

To support you in those big events and small moments, we are partnering with experts in their field to bring you advice on topics relevant to today’s family. We have a fantastic line-up in store for you starting with a post many can relate to…Going Back to Work After Baby.

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From the Experts 1 - Going Back to Work After Baby

Going Back to Work After Baby

You had a baby…how wonderful!!! You now have an adorable, snuggly, perfect, precious little person to take care of; what an amazing feeling!! You’re flooded with immense joy and love for your little one and you don’t necessarily want to leave them. What should you do? Some women take a 6 week maternity leave, some may take an extended leave and some leave the workforce for a few years. Some women don’t have a choice, as their financial situation requires them to return to work almost immediately. Women that have a choice still struggle with what that choice should be.

Having a baby is a life changing event and many women face uncertainty and difficult decisions in their professional future. While you’re out of work, here are some things to consider:

Don’t disappear. I know, sometimes the whole day goes by and you realize you haven’t even had a chance to brush your hair, how are you supposed to keep in touch with people? Even though you’ve just been robbed of 23 hours of your day and you’re functioning on little sleep, continue to grow your network and make it a point to keep in touch with colleagues, clients and other members of your network. It’s important to keep this cohesiveness going particularity if you’re taking an extended maternity leave. Set up a lunch date or phone call and bring the baby along…who doesn’t love babies?!

Stay up to date. Continue to keep up on industry news. One way is to follow LinkedIn’s pulse for articles published by various professionals. Plan an evening where you can set aside some time to create your own post so you can contribute to industry news and remain an active player in your field. You can also follow news, companies and individuals related to your industry.

Take care of yourself. There are days when you feel like nothings getting done and you’re pretty much walking through tar all day. No matter how draining the day is, you want to take care of your body and soul. Staying motivated can be difficult with the time constraints on your new life, but even just a few minutes a day can keep you on point. Find support amongst other new moms in the same situation so you don’t feel so isolated…have a laugh and a cry with them.

Challenge yourself. Challenges are beautiful opportunities for growth. There is no challenge too little. If you’re working out, throw in an additional 10 push-ups, run an extra mile. It may not seem like much, but you’ll be mentally rewarded for going the extra mile (pun intended). If you’re reading a book or have been meaning to research something, take 15 minutes before bed to do so.

Take inventory. We all know how your body changes after baby comes! Double check your work clothes and make sure they fit! Instead of buying a new wardrobe, consider purchasing a few belly bands (if you don’t already have them), they run about $12-$15 each. Utilizing the belly band will allow you to add adjustments to your pre-pregnancy outfits. Consider your new schedule and think about any adjustments you may have to make to your routine, such as packing your lunch, getting a shower or prepping your coffee at different times now.

Give yourself a break. It’s going to be a tough transition that will probably bring you to tears. You just spent practically the last year attached (literally) to your baby. Leaving him/her is not easy. Try to look at the positive though (paycheck, hot coffee, you’ll most likely be able to finish your lunch and you’ll definitely be able to go to the potty alone). Your baby will be back in your arms before you know it. Consider starting back to work mid-week instead of on Monday so you only have a few days till the weekend. If you’re having a hard time take some pictures, tissues, and a baby blanket with you to work. Don’t feel guilty for working.

Going Back to Work After Baby with Nicole Pica and Once Upon a Time Creation

Nicole Pica is a Career Strategy Advisor and the Founder of Reinvent U, LLC. She works with individuals seeking to enhance their marketability, develop their brand, and obtain a new career opportunity. Nicole is a former staffing consultant and has been involved on over 130 separate hiring decisions. In addition to career planning, she uses her background in biology to create methods of change that focus on well-being and stress reduction for those in career transition.