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Girl Scout Keepsake Pillow by Once Upon a Time Creation

Girl Scout Pillow


A Girl Scout Pillow created from your vests and sashes is a fun way to celebrate those Girl Scout years. From Daisies to Brownies to Juniors to Cadettes to Seniors, each stage of the journey is filled with meeting new friends, enjoying new experience, and learning new skills.

Girl Scout Pillow by Once Upon a Time Creation

Whether you have saved vests and sashes from you or your daughter, they are too special to part with. Each patch is earned through hard work and dedication.

Girl Scout Pillow 3 by Once Upon a Time Creation

Your Daisy bib, vest, t-shirt showcases the beginning of the Girl Scout journey while learning about the Girl Scout fundamentals and the value of every line of the Girl Scout Promise.

Girl Scout Pillow 2 by Once Upon a Time Creation

Bridging from Daisies to Brownies opens up a new world full of Journeys and Try-Its.

Girl Scout Keepsake

Going from Brownies to Juniors brings on new challenges as they are encouraged to reach out of their comfort zone and try new things. As they emerge as leaders, they can help guide the younger ones and show them what it means to be a Girl Scout.

Girl Scout Pillow (back) by Once Upon a Time Creation

Since neither myself nor my daughter ventured into Cadettes or Seniors, I don’t have personal experience with the levels. But, from what I hear, they are filled with travel and growth opportunities that the girls will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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