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Once Upon a Time Creation Graduation Memory Blanket

Why I Love Serving My Community

Hello there, my friends.

Do you have days when you stumble and really need to dig deep to overcome your challenges? Do you ever wonder what the next step is and whether you are making the right decisions? Please tell me this happens to everyone and not just me.

Once Upon a Time Creation Keepsake Bears

I have to admit, there are moments when owning your own business is tough and presents challenges that I may not face if I was working in a larger environment with a big team and other departments to rely on. But then, when one of you walks through our studio door, I am reminded once again why I love and am so committed to Once Upon a Time Creation.

Every consultation either brings someone new and amazing into my life or teaches me something extraordinary about someone I already know. Everyone has a story that evolves as they go through life. Their story is different from mine, which is different from yours, which is different from everyone else.

Once Upon a Time Creation Girl Scout Keepsake Pillow

Whether we coordinate your keepsake in person or by mail, once we work on a project together, you are no longer a “client”, but a friend who has trusted us with some of your most precious memories. We may laugh together, or we might cry, but either way, you inspire me every day.

Hearing your stories and learning about you and your loved ones brings me back to understanding why we do what we do and why I love it so much. Each of you is unique, so each keepsake is a one-of-a-kind treasure made specially for you in honor of the history behind it.

Once Upon a Time Creation Baby Clothes Memory Blanket

Maybe it’s because we have been at this a long time, but it hit me a few times this year how we have been through so much together. We have helped you keep special things as you move to a new house. We have celebrated when your kids graduated. We have created surprise gifts for milestone birthdays and retirements. We have rejoiced when your child married their soulmate. We have mourned the loss of your loved ones.

Once Upon a Time Creation Wedding Gown Keepsakes

Sometimes I wish we could do more. When you ask for a donation, I wish we could give every one of you a Memory Blanket for your auction. But, if we did that, we would be out of business and no good to anyone. So we do what we can and absolutely LOVE the opportunity to donate gift certificates to your fundraisers and causes. Because of YOU and all you do, our community continues to amaze me.

Once Upon a Time Creation Remembrance Keepsake Pillows

Our connections are deep. Once Upon a Time Creation will continue to be here to serve you and the community, because you believe in what we do and we believe in the strength of relationships and memories. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing our services with your friends and family and continuing to trust us with your treasured memories.


Getting out of my comfort zone

A while back, I came across a graphic similar to this one:

courtesy of www.rachelbritton.com

courtesy of www.rachelbritton.com

That’s when I realized that the older I got, the more I clung to my comfort zone.  Keep it safe. Don’t take risks. Stick with what you know. Sound familiar? The dangerous part about that way of thinking is that it is really difficult to learn and grow if you are not putting yourself out there. Continue reading