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Sewing Machine Sink Base

Sewing Machine Sink

Remember the powder room…

A little character in your powder room can be an unexpected surprise for guests visiting your home.  SInce this room is usually the smallest in the house, little details go a long way.

The area for this sink is very small (about 16″ deep and 20″ wide). Painting the original cabinet and changing the sink top and faucet would have been a big improvement.  But, since were changing the floor and everything had to come out anyway…might as well put in something fun.

Metal sewing machine bases can be found a lot of places…thrift and consignment shops, garage sales, even on the curb on trash day. They are usually inexpensive (sometimes free) and are so versatile.  They serve as great bases for sinks and tables of all sizes as they are well-built and sturdy.

This sink is from Ikea and the plumber added the iron “rails” on the front and back for the sink to sit on. The faucet looks like an old pump. To find one, just google “faucet open spout” . There are lots to choose from.

When we took the original cabinet out, the wall next to the sink was a mess. We added the bead board wainscoting and love it.  Barn wood floors, wider moulding, and a bit more bead board round out the vintage feel.

More to come on this bathroom redo…

powder room before