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Adorable Custom Keepsake Pillow created from outgrown Christmas dresses

 Would you like a keepsake pillow created from Christmas dresses?

Pillow Keepsake created from Christmas Dresses

If you saved your kids’ first Christmas outfits and dresses, you could create a custom keepsake pillow to treasure for years to come. Those first Christmas outfits remind us of those magical Christmas Eve nights of putting out cookies for Santa and reading the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. Everyone trying to go to sleep, but too excited wanting Christmas morning to come.

The memories are why we save those Christmas outfits. This custom pillow was designed from C’s first and second Christmas dresses and given to her Grandma for her birthday. The pillow showcases all the beautiful features from the dresses, like the sequins, rosettes, floral embroidery, and ruffles. This pictures show the front and back of the same pillow so Grandma can switch looks to keep things fresh.

Isn’t this a great gift for Grandma? She will love this personal keepsake especially if shopping for special occasion dresses has been Grandma’s treat. For the holidays, Grandma loves when your little one looks their best. Giving a gift of memories, such as a keepsake pillow,  is a meaningful gift she will treasure for years to come.

Pillows can be designed from one or several dresses or other pieces of clothing. Everything that makes the original outfit special will be on your new keepsake. It is so much fun to witness the transformation from clothing to keepsake. Each individually designed piece is so unique because no two projects are ever the same.

Boys clothes are fun, too!  Little ties, sweaters, and matching pants come together to create a special patchwork of memories. Plaids, stripes, toy trains, and other holiday cheer will make any keepsake pillow a special holiday treat.

For more information on custom keepsakes pillows, please visit here: http://www.onceuponatimecreation.com/Pillows-s/101.htm


Pillows by Once Upon a Time Creation

Pillows from Great Grandma’s Lambswool Coat

Pillows by Once Upon a Time Creation

Hildegard saved her mother’s lambswool coat for years.  It was the one possession she brought back from Germany when her mother passed.  The coat was beautiful and meaningful, but not able to be worn.

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Luck of the Irish Special

luck of the irish special

Touch of Red Throw Pillows

Inspiration can be found anywhere, sometimes in the most unlikely places.

I owe this week’s inspiration to a good friend.  C has many passions, but, by her own admission, decorating is not one of them.  Even so, over the past couple weeks, she made simple changes that had a big impact.  She cleared a bit of clutter and added colorful pottery to a couple shelves, added new throw pillows, and replaced a “well-loved” ottoman.  The room looks fantastic.

My friend reminded me that the feel of a room is in the details.  Changing throw pillows is a fast, inexpensive and very effective way to add a new color, change decor with the seasons, or just have a little decorating fun.

Now inspired, I set off to create a couple pillows.  These red fabric scraps were plucked from a plastic storage bin and put to work.  There weren’t any pieces large enough to cover a whole pillow, so they ended up as a bit of patchwork.  Love how they turned out…even got a compliment from my better half.  Well, he asked, “Can we keep those?”  That’s a compliment, right???

If you don’t sew, Home Goods, Target, Ikea, and Etsy have adorable pillows for an affordable price.  Here are some suggestions: Red Stripe, Fun Floral, Linen, Monogrammed Vintage, French Country

Also found these fun blue scraps and vintage tea towel…more pillows to come.

Happy Friday!