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Wedding Dress Keepsakes by Once Upon a Time Creation 3

What can I do with my wedding dress?

Is your wedding dress in a box in the attic? Covered up in your closet? In a bag in storage? Wouldn’t you love to enjoy your dress again?

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it brings my thoughts to love and that amazing day when we professed that love and rejoiced in it with our friends and family. From beginning to end, it was a celebration of a new life together. Seriously, what is not to love about your wedding day? Doting husband…amazing guests…meaningful ceremony…great food…flowing drinks…your favorite music…and, of course, the dress!

Wedding Dress Keepsakes by Once Upon a Time Creation 4

Reliving little wedding day moments is so much easier when you are holding something in your hands that reminds you of that special day. Did you know that that “something” could be your gorgeous gown? There are so many ways you can transform your dress so you can love it again.

Without further ado, here are some ideas for you…

Wedding Gown Keepsake Wristlet Bags by Once Upon a Time Creation 5

Bridal wristlets have always been popular wedding shower gifts from Mom to the bride-to-be. Created from Mom’s (or Grandmom’s) gown, this piece of history served as “Something Old and Something New” and connected generations in a special way. While this is still a fabulous idea, we have seen a growing trend of women creating wristlets for themselves from their own gowns.

Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to carry your wedding dress with you every time you have a date night or get fancy? Not only are these wristlets beautiful and meaningful, they are so versatile. They look fabulous with any color dress for the big nights out and they also bring that jeans and pumps outfit to the next level. It’s big enough for all your night out essentials, but you will have to leave the sippy cup at home.

Wedding Gown Keepsake Wristlet Bags by Once Upon a Time Creation 3

Since a wedding dress normally has quite a bit of fabric to work with, you can also share your piece of history with your family.

Wedding Dress Ring Bearer Pillow Keepsake by Once Upon a Time Creation 1

If there is an upcoming wedding, a ring bearer pillow is an instant family heirloom that can be shared and passed down when the big days arrive.

Wedding Dress Ring Bearer Pillow Keepsake by Once Upon a Time Creation 2

Boys can get in on the fun, too, with a handkerchief made from your dress.

Wedding Gown Keepsakes by Once Upon a Time Creation 3

Throw pillows are another great way to love your wedding dress again. Each gown is so unique and all that loveliness showcases beautifully on a pillow.

Wedding Dress Pillow Keepsakes by Once Upon a Time Creation 2

Wedding Dress Keepsake Pillow by Once Upon a Time Creation

Of all these custom keepsakes, ornaments may be my favorite. I have heard from so many clients that they keep their ornament out all year, hanging it in a special place to enjoy every day.

Wedding Dress Heart Ornament Keepsake by Once Upon a Time Creation 1

Just think how long we all treasure our ornaments. Each year, when we decorate the tree, we reminisce about the story behind each piece. Whether your wedding dress ornaments are created from your gown or another family member’s gown, you will come away with a tangible piece of history connecting generations.

Wedding Dress Angel Ornament Keepsake by Once Upon a Time Creation 1

Thanks so much for allowing me to share these ideas with you. Hopefully, you are inspired to get your wedding dress out of storage and love it again.  A creation from your wedding gown would make a great Valentine’s gift!


If you would like Once Upon a Time Creation to help you transform your wedding dress into beautiful, custom keepsakes you can enjoy for years to come, please visit: Gift Ideas Created from Wedding Gowns.


Wedding Gown transformed into an Evening Clutch

Wedding Gown transformed into an Evening (or Bridal) Clutch.Remember the baby blankets form the last post???  As promised, here is the clutch made from the same dress.  The wonderful silk fabric and intricate beading are just beautiful.

I think Michelle’s intention was to save this for her daughter, should she get married when she gets older.  But after seeing it, she realized it is a fabulous evening bag that she can use now!

This bag will be a very meaningful bridal shower gift, should the time come, but for now…carpe diem!  Time to get dressed up and show off your gorgeous new bag:)

Wedding Gown transformed into an Evening (or Bridal) Clutch.

Back of the bag. The beaded closure also serves as a perfect handle on the back.


Baby Blankets created from a Wedding Gown

Baby Blankets made from a family Wedding Gown

Michelle came to us with her wedding gown asking us to make something she could pass to her two children.  Even though her kids are still young, she could no longer store her dress, but wanted to save it for sentimental reasons.  After discussing some possible ideas, Michelle settled on two baby blankets and a bridal bag.

The dress was made of silk with beautiful beading and a scalloped hem. Each blanket incorporates different parts of the beading and both blankets are edged with the scalloped hem and cinched at the corners.  The bridal bag is still in progress, and we will be sure to share when it is finished.

Thank you, Michelle, for the opportunity to create family heirlooms for your children.


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First Communion Dress (Wedding Gown Conversion)

An heirloom First Communion Dress made from a family wedding gown connects generations in a very special way.

Madeleine was beyond excited to have her dress specially designed and sewn just for her.  Beyond her enthusiasm, it meant so much to me that it was lovingly made by my Mom from my wedding gown.  Doris, my Mom, is our amazing seamstress at Once Upon a Time Creation.

My veil was shortened and tailored for Madeleine.  Even Betsy (her American Girl doll), received a custom-made matching dress.

A wedding gown conversion is such a wonderful enhancement to an already happy, faithful occasion.

Betsey dress              Back of Dress

For more details, please visit… Custom dresses by Once Upon a Time Creation