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The Best Baby Shower Gift

A new baby is the most special thing in the world. A new life is beginning and it is time to celebrate! You are looking for a great baby shower gift that is both meaningful and useful that will show how much you care. You want to give something fabulous, but what?

Here is a baby shower gift idea that covers all the bases…thoughtful, functional, and beautiful! Since presentation is half the fun, the “wrapping” for this baby gift is the best part.

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The great thing about this gift is that it can be scaled to meet your needs by not including everything or adding other gifts. This is all about what works for you!

You may think this is a bit backwards, but we are actually going to start with the box. It’s the best part! The “box” you wrap your gift in is your “something meaningful” and will become the keeper of memories. Select a pretty storage box with a lid (either heavy cardboard or fabric covered). You can normally find a cute one at Home Goods or use the link below to shop on Amazon.

So the parents-to-be know that this special box’s purpose is to hold precious memories, here is a poem for you to print out on card stock and glue onto the inside of the lid. For a clean, finished look, you can trim it with ribbon or cut the paper with patterned scissors. Not thrilled about gluing? It can also be hole punched and attached to the top of your gift with ribbon after wrapping.

An empty box, what could it be?
I thought it was a gift for me!
Although this box is not what is seems,
It’s empty now…but oh the dreams.

 Your child unborn will soon arrive
And begin her life with wonder and strive.
While striving to walk, heel to toe
The baby shoes they soon outgrow.

 Baby teeth so white and new
You must save them Mommy, for they are few.
A lock of hair, a teddy bear
These precious items you cannot spare.

 And while growing, left behind
Are cherished things you’ll want to find.
So here’s an empty box for you
To keep these things a whole life through.

When baby is grown up and gone,
Your memory box will carry on.
The box you saved at last complete.

All the memories, some sad, some sweet
Will stay close to a Mother’s heart
As your little one was, right from the start.

New Mommy will be so grateful to have a special place to save baby treasures.

Now let’s fill the box…

Loveys are always at the top of the list. The Lovey you give will probably be the one thing the new baby cannot leave the house without, helps them sleep, and provides years of comfort and unconditional love. My favorites are the ones that are a small, cozy blanket fabric attached to a cute little animal head and arms. There are so many choices…bears, dogs, bunnies, and you can find them everywhere or have them shipped to your door.

Whichever Lovey you choose, buy TWO! It is inevitable that one will be dropped, forgotten, or left on a plane (not saying I did that or anything). Since the companies discontinue and change the designs almost every season, it is next to impossible to buy an extra after six months. Please save new Mommy a bit of heartache and buy an extra from the beginning.

Books are next. Just a couple to get the collection rolling. Board books are great as they can be used right away, are colorful, fun, and easy to read. If you are not sure what to buy, the classics never go out of style…Goodnight Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Love You Forever. Or choose an author with a nice set like Sarah Boynton, Eric Carle, or Dr. Seuss.

A stuffed animal or character ice pack is great to throw in. These are packs that can be refrozen, but they are hidden inside a cute little outer casing. An ice pack is something you don’t need until you need it and you would never think to buy one ahead of time. Putting a cute little bear on your head is a lot more comforting than a bag of peas. You can usually find these at your local pharmacy, Babies R Us, or shop online (the link is below). I also like to include a rattle, small toy, or tether.

Teether by My Buddha Babe

If you are looking to go above and beyond and support a local small business, you may like these natural teethers and these gorgeous handmade booties.

View More:

Adding a personalized gift to the basket gives it an extra special touch. You can’t go wrong with a hooded towel monogrammed with the baby’s name or a custom keepsake created from baby clothes or t-shirts worn by the parents-to-be.

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Baby Shower gift_memory blanket_Once Upon a Time Creation

Now it’s time to put it all together. To make the gift box look fantastic, crumple up some brown craft paper at the bottom and cover it with tissue that matches your box. This will boost everything up a bit so it sits well for display. You can wrap all the gifts, some, or none. It is up to you and any way you decide will look fantastic. Tying the whole thing together with a coordinating ribbon holds the lid onto the box and adds that finishing touch.

Enjoy your baby shower!


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Fabric and Cardboard Boxes


Books: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Good Night Moon, Love You Forever

Board Book Box Sets: Sarah Boynton, Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss

Character ice Packs and Small Rattles and Toys


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