Vintage Kitchen

White pitchers, old glass bottles, wire baskets and glass storage add vintage charm to any kitchen.    All these things are easy to find and usually inexpensive.

During our kitchen redo, we decided to forgo traditional cabinets with doors for open shelving. The  top shelf is really just for fun because I can’t reach it anyway, but the lower shelf is very useful.  It houses pasta and grains and is right next to the stove for convenience.  To remember the right ratio of grain to water for cooking, just clip the directions from the bag or box and put it in the jar with the grain.  You always know when you are running low without searching through the pantry.

The top shelf (above the refrigerator) is great for display.  As we took down the wall between the dining room and kitchen, this wall sets the tone for the room.  Most seasons, this shelf displays pitchers and vases, seldom used pantry items in pretty containers, wire baskets, etc.  For the holidays, it is so easy “dress it up” with some greens and Santa figurines.

Building this unit was pretty easy. First, we covered the entire wall with bead board. The top shelf is just a 1 x 12 with a 1 x 2 nailed to the front. We also added a piece of crown molding across the top of the soffit to add interest.  For the bottom section, we built  a “box” out of plywood, wood glue and the Kreg jig, then framed the front of the box with 1 x 2’s.   When everything is painted the same color, it looks like a cohesive unit. Most of our trim is Ivory Lace by Behr. It is a calming antique white.

The Kreg jig is a great tool that is used with your drill.  As with most higher ticket tools, splitting the cost and sharing with a family member is a good idea. You rarely need the tool at the same time and it usually pays for itself before you know it.

Good luck and please let me know if you have questions…always happy to help!




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4 thoughts on “Vintage Kitchen

  1. Danielle

    I was wondering where you got the jars that store your pastas, grains etc? I love them and have been looking for something similar myself. I love the vintage vibe in your house!

    1. onceuponatimecreation Post author

      Danielle, I got those at Ikea. You may be able to find something similar at Target (they change what they carry constantly). Thank you for visiting…adding the vintage vibe is always doable. Our house is a split level built in the 60’s, so anything is possible:)


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